Aerobic Exercise for the Couch Potato


aerobicexercisecouchpotato How many of us put off exercising because we do not want to get out and get going? Here is good news for all you folks, there is a new and improved chair aerobics. All you couch potatoes can benefit from chair aerobics. As the name implies, it is just sitting at one place and exercising. You really do not have to get up and get going.

Chair aerobics involves doing stretches, punches and kicks, all while being seated to give your body a workout and tune in your cardiovascular system. It uses resistance bands and ankle and bracelet weights to achieve the result.

These exercises are recommended for couch potatoes as well as those with limited mobility. It can be done discreetly at your office desk; this is especially true of people who have a desk bound job.

Like all exercise programs, it starts with stretches and warm ups to the actual exercise regimen and then a cooling off period. A 30 to 60 minute session can provide all that you need in the form a robust exercise program. Punching in the air and scissor kicks are a few tricks that are adopted in chair aerobics.

Chair aerobics also focuses on breathing control, muscle tone, and posture correction. It helps to improve joint flexibility, strengthens, and tones muscles and bones. It is easy to do, inexpensive and easy to fit into your daily schedule. It does not require any special equipment or gear to get started.

A simple workout would include pumping your fist over your head 5 times with each hand. Punching in front of and by the sides of your body will be an extension of the punching routine.

To exercise our legs, lifting your heels off the floor to tapping you feet on the ground a movement similar to jogging or even a pedaling motion will help. All of this will take about five to 20 minutes and can be done while seated in a chair! It can be down by those afflicted with arthritis all the while seated at a desk.

It improves joint mobility and improves circulation. It promotes heart health. Regular exercise helps to tone muscles and it can even be done by getting a group of friends to join. It would be a fun filled half hour with friends while reaping health benefits on the way!