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exercise Exercise routines are mandatory for every grown up, whatever age he/she  might be, to stay away from diseases, stay active, in good mental health and moods, and to look good and attractive. Exercise is a very good mood up lifter and boosts spirits instantly. Have you ever noticed the difference between how you are feeling while going to the gym and how  you’re  feeling while leaving? There is a sudden and noticeable mood lift.

An exercise routine has so many benefits and also keeps skin fresh and hydrated, so much younger. The skin sheds a lot of toxins while working out and cleans up. Exercising is has prodigious positive effects on our mind, body and soul, whether you choose running, swimming, yoga, power yoga, dancing, playing a sport or any other form and incorporate in your daily schedule.

Exercise Routines 

Exercise routines for men may tend to bend towards the heavier ones than a simple walk or basic yoga. Some forms of exercise are as follows:

Weight Training

Proper weight training and hours devoted at gymnasiums. Thanks to the trend of the bulging biceps and firm, six pack abs. a good, well built body is much sought after by guys these days and is appreciated by damsels too.

weight trainng

A long run on the treadmill followed by some weight trainings like biceps, abs exercises, dead lifts, squats with weights, chest presses, butterfly presses and so many more.


Swimming is good to tone up and mostly preferred for them who are keen to tone up a firm budging ones and dy. Men who want get into a leaner look and not the typically bulgy one, should go into a regular swimming workout practice as this exercise has to be done regularly to gain the benefits of weight loss and toning up. Swimming is a very good exercise for endurance and stamina building.


Yoga is a good way in modern times to bust stress and to gain great overall health. As guys are finding muscle building and body mass gaining exercises more apt for aiming at the form of yoga , a little advanced and strong which also includes rigorous exercises has come up.


Known as power yoga, this is a very popularizing one of the exercise routines. Also, this aspect helps feed the soul and builds up the spiritual strength of your personality. Indulging into yoga or power yoga is a great thing to do.

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Combination Exercises

Good exercise routines are those which actually mix and match different exercises and combine effects also to sabotage the monotony by repeating one and the same thing. Like if a man likes swimming he can always add an extra hour of swimming or a half an hour after his gym workout. Or one can do a half an hour of running in fresh air outside followed by the indoor weight training! Weight training and yoga can also be combined to make your mind and body both fit at the same time.

It is essential to include both muscular and cardio exercises depending on the needs of the person who is exercising. If the motive is to lose lots of weight, include lots of running, dancing, cycling in your exercise routine. If you primarily want to tone up and build heavy muscles, do some cardio to burn extra fat, only then your muscle cuts will be able to show off.

Cardio exercises are as it is good for keeping heart diseases far off so a bit of cardio is advised to everyone. But the ratio of muscle toning and weight training exercise should contribute the larger part of the entire workout. Whatever the regimes, a good exercise regime should be initiated and taken up under guidance and a trainer , a professional as the body diet and structure with functionalities is a vast and delicate aspect and any wrong or rash exercise can harm you for short or long term and disrupt your exercises too.

Exercise Routine for Beginners

Exercise routines for beginners should be framed keeping in mind their motives, whether it is weight loss, muscle building or both; their body type and the stamina levels which will also surely increase with advancement of exercises. Proper, balanced diet is also very crucial to get desired targets. Being careless and not following a diet with your exercise routines may drive down all your efforts into the drain. So do that and have lot of liquids to compensate for the sweating.

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    Your tips about How to Stay Fit is useful… thanks…

  • Jack

    Your tips about How to Stay Fit is useful… thanks…