A Holistic Approach to Health Care Using Ayurveda


Ayurveda The advances of technology and medical science have led to the treatment of illnesses, distinct from other illnesses. This truth is the reason for the many specialized branches of medicine, with the approach of isolating one condition and focusing on it alone, without regard to a treatment’s effect on the other parts, organs or systems of the body.

This is the principle that Ayurvedic hair treatment follows.  It does not isolate the scalp and hair as parts of the body.  The treatment considers what will be best for the general health.

Ayurveda derived from Sanskrit term “ayur”, meaning life, and “veda”, meaning knowledge or science.  Combining the two keywords, Ayurveda simply means “the science of life”.

The treatment considers life as a totality. Hence, it also looks at health at the same time.  Ayurvedic medicine promotes balance and harmony in people’s lives.  Thus, even in your hair care, achieving positive results means using Ayurvedic products, combined with a harmonious body, spirit and mental activity that will create a holistic and effective impact on your health and looks.

Ayurvedic treatment requires changes from within a person as well as his/her appearance. A healthy hair is evident from people who have healthy diet. This healthy diet includes eating green and leafy vegetables, as well as eating fruits. Milk, coconut and yogurt are also excellent in reinforcing a total Ayurvedic hair care.

Going to the actual hair care treatment, Ayurvedic treatment requires massage on the scalp area for two to three times every week with the use of Ayurvedic oil.

This process includes coating of the hair with warm oil and gently massaging this evenly on the scalp. This massage will give a relaxing feeling and help release the stress that is caused by work or some concerns in life.

Leave the oil for about an hour, then shampoo and rinse the hair. There are Ayurvedic products available that can complement the use of the oil.

Finally, the Ayurvedic treatment includes the exercise of relaxation and meditation techniques that will generally help in lifting your spirit. This will have meaningful effect on your body and health. As you relax, you can have soothing music to add to a relaxed and stress-free feeling.

This is your Ayurvedic hair treatment that is holistic and effective. Start now!

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