A Guide to Short Hairstyles For Men

Short Hairstyles

Though unknown to many, men actually have many hairstyles to choose from and not just the classic crew cut we commonly see men sporting. There are long, medium and short hairstyles to choose from. Out of the three, the short hairstyles are the most popular and also look best on men. There are different types with different qualities.

In choosing a short hairstyle for men, the man must make sure that it goes well with the shape of his face as well as his personality. A man’s hairstyle is also a reflection of his personality. Some hairstyles are conservative, sporty or full of fun. Here are different types of short hairstyles for men to choose from:

The Buzz
The buzz haircut has been around for a few decades and is a favorite hairstyle among men. This hairstyle is a very close cut style just a few millimeters away from being shaved down to the scalp. The buzz is the traditional haircut of men in the military. At present, the buzz has evolved and it now has variations like the faded buzz and the buzz with bangs.

The Caesar
The Caesar is a classic short hairstyle that was named after its inspiration, Julius Caesar. This cut has been used for a very long time. It is a kind of hairstyle that has a straight horizontal fringe.

Faux Hawk
The faux hawk is a very popular hairstyle among the more daring men. It is derived from the Mohawk hairstyle and literally means a fake Mohawk, thus the name faux hawk. It is considered to be a fake Mohawk because the sides of the head are not shaved down to the scalp like the real one.

The Businessman Style
Businessmen traditionally always preferred a short conservative hairstyle, which was later named after them. This particular style is very conservative and professional looking. The back and sides of this style are tapered to make it neat-looking. Recently this hairstyle has evolved into different variations, but the look is basically still the same.

The Fade
This is a very short hairstyle with many variations like the flat top fade, the Philly fade and the low fade. It has a tapered cut and the back and sides of the head are commonly cut close to the scalp and gradually tapering to the top of the head.