A Few Rules On Office Etiquette You May Find Very Useful In The Workplace

Rules On ‘Office Etiquette

 Rules On ‘Office Etiquette Office is almost like a second home to most of us. And it is indeed interesting to note that many professionals actually spend more time with their colleagues at office than with their family members on a day to day basis.

Keeping both these facts in mind, it becomes necessary that individuals learn to acknowledge certain tell tale signs of trouble within the workplace that arise due to bad etiquette. Accordingly, every individual should understand that there are a few golden rules of office etiquette that need to be followed religiously in order to gain the respect of colleagues.

These golden rules are rarely revealed, and may not be favourable to everyone. However, sticking to them is the only way one can climb up the organisational ladder with time, without making any foes in the process. So if you are a professional who is dying to find out exactly what I am talking about here, read on!

Leave All Gossip Back Outside The Office

Working in a professional environment would entitle you to receive your fair share of gossip and rumours about colleagues on a daily basis. Pay no heed to these conversations and try to break away from the same if possible. Avoid showing your hate or disrespect for a colleague in front of others.

Don’t send emails that contain sensitive information about colleagues to everyone. And most important of all, refrain from sharing any gossip that you might have overheard via the grapevine, with anyone else.

Your Clothes Define You

I know we all like to be stylish and cool all the time. But when it comes to office, there are a few strict guidelines you need to follow, both to impress your peers and to stay safe from prospective harassers.

Your office attire would speak volumes about the person you truly are. And so, if you turn up dressed too provocatively, or too modest, you may tend to send off the wrong signals to everyone around you.

The situation is more complex for women who need to dress appropriately in order to maintain a strictly professional friendship with their male colleagues. Casual wear can be restricted to team outings and other similar situations. When in office, here are some tips every woman should follow.

Opt for neat dresses and go for a discreet makeup. Avoid figure hugging dresses or those that have plunging necklines, deep cuts etc. Opt for solid colours over patterns and prints. And even though it is considered wise to stick to sombre colours, it is not considered a sacrilege to turn up with a bright coloured outfit once in a while, provided it is not provocative.

Men find it comparatively easier to follow a particular dress code when it comes to office. However, many men fail to notice or ignore certain other signs in their attire that can show how unprofessional they are.

These include ruffled shirts, wrinkled trousers, dirty shoes, and no collared shirts or T. Shirts etc. Wear these and you will give off the feeling that you don’t care for the company or its impression on you.

Punctuality And Dependability

Two office traits that go hand in hand. As a professional working in an organisation, you need to make sure that you are punctual and arrive at the office at least a good 20 minutes before your work commences. This would enable you to settle down comfortably before starting your work.

 Rules On ‘Office Etiquette

It’s always good to ask questions. But ask too many questions, and you would irk your superiors. It pays to ask a little help from a colleague or superior at times when you feel the workload is too heavy or the process is unfamiliar.

However, with time, your superiors would expect you to become independent and search out answers to probable questions yourself. Of course, that is easily possible, thanks to the internet which lets you have first hand information of what you want to know and how you want to know it.

So the next time you get stuck in a situation like this, try your best to find a solution yourself before seeking the help of a colleague or superior. This would give off the impression that you are not dependant on anybody for your work and can handle the pressures of heavy workloads effectively.

Incessant Mobile Phones

This can easily be one of the more irritating issues that can put you in trouble with your superiors. It is a known fact that most offices require their employees to either switch off their mobile phones completely or put them in the silent mode. I even know of a couple of offices that ask their employees to store their mobiles in lockers outside the office.

Nevertheless, there are still a couple of individuals who ignore these rules and try to flaunt their mobiles on the floor by keeping loud or really annoying ring tones that tend to disrupt the concentration of others around them. Added to these woes are ring tones that sound like chirping birds, racing cars, loud drum beats, crying babies etc. that are all the more irritating to hear.

Incessant incoming calls can also be a nuisance at a workplace scenario. And so, the best option would be to keep your mobile phone on a vibrating mode to alert you of incoming calls or messages. Stick to professional ring tones that sound cool and yet are pleasant on the ears.

I Want What You Want Not

Every individual has his/her wishes and fancies. And so when two conflicting desires and their owners get together, trust all hell to break loose on the floor. Let’s take a common workplace scenario as an example for this issue.

Let’s say it’s an extremely hot day outside and you feel turning up the AC a bit more would be refreshing. However, another colleague feels it is already too cold inside the office and wants to increase the temperature instead.

Both these thoughts are conflicting. And when both of you find it difficult to adhere to the other’s whims, a battle of sorts ensues within the office. The situation worsens when either you (or him/her) decides to do what you (or he/she) think is right without consulting the other party.

The only possible solution to this problem would be to sit down and talk out the differences of opinion. A suitable arrangement can be agreed upon only if both individuals decide to compromise a little for each other.

Vice Versa Rule

This last office etiquette tip goes for ladies out there who feel that it is extremely chivalrous of a man to open the door or pull out a chair for them at regular intervals. What they need to know however is that in an office, they need to act the same way and help their male colleagues whenever necessary.

Some common scenarios include opening the door for them if they have their hands full with something else, pulling out a chair for them if they get your lunch, or running small errand for them if they are helping you with your work etc.

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