A Beginner’s Guide On How To Write Resume

How To Write Resume

How To Write Resume A resume is an important document where you list all your educational qualifications and job experience. The employer has its first impression about you after reading the resume.

It is used by employers to test the potentiality of an applicant. If you have a good and a proper resume then it will be easier for you to bag your dream job.

Why do you need a resume?

Resume is a tool which will help you earn an interview. Through resumes employers screen you and it should be made in such a way that it can earn you an interview. Make your resume to the point because an employer does not have so much of time to go through your resume.

The contents of a resume

If you want to have a great resume then you need a good resume format. You should use twelve font size of Arial or Times new roman in your resume. You can only make an exceptional change by writing your name with a larger font size.

You should include five sections in your resume. Those five sections are the bold header, objective, educational qualifications, work experience and miscellaneous. You should follow each step mentioned below properly. The steps are:

The header

You need to maintain a particular resume format while resume writing. You should include your name, residential address, home phone and cell phone numbers and a good and professional email address. You should make sure that all the information mentioned in the header of your resume is up to date and correct. If the employers do not get you once then they will not retry. So while resume writing carefully mention your latest detail.

Job objective

You should always mention a good job objective and try to make your job objective concise. Try to keep your job objective short and crisp. Mention a job objective that fits well in the job category you are applying for.

Educational qualification

List down the schools you have gone to. You should include the degrees that were awarded to you and the dates. Mention any extracurricular activities, this will add to your advantage. Many employers will take your educational qualification into consideration rather than job experience like the government of United States.

Work experience

You should include all the jobs that you have done. It can be your internships, volunteer work, work study, part time or full time work. You can enrich yourself by learning many skills from the job. No job is small and you should mention each and every job you have done. This will help you a lot.


You can include your areas of interest and your hobbies. You can mention the awards that you have achieved. These achievements will show your employers that you are a well rounded employee.

Do not forget to give a good cover letter.

A good resume and a good cover letter are very important for the people who have been called for an interview. Make sure that you have covered everything in the resume to make the employer have a knowledge about you.

Things that you need to consider while resume writing are:

Keep resume maximum to two pages

You should try to keep your resume maximum to two pages. Employers get a lot of resumes for a particular post so they do not have time to go through long resumes. Make your resume short and crisp but to the point. You should try and make a resume which can seek your employer’s attention.

Have many resume layout

You should try and have more than one resume layout. You should check out the job profile and submit a resume according to the requirements for that post.

Use reference as a reference and not as a request.

Check the requirements

You should check out the requirements and then add the necessary things accordingly.

Mention your job duties

You should try and maintain your job duties using bullets. This will make it easier for the employer to read.

Mention the extra courses you have taken

You should mention all the extra courses that you have taken. This will add up to your advantage.

Mention your achievements

You should mention your achievements clearly at the bottom of your resume. This will add a lot of value to your resume.

Double check your resume

It is always advisable to double check your resume before submitting it so that your resume is perfectly correct. Check out the spellings and punctuation marks.

Sample resume

You can check out many sample resume before making your own resume. You can check out sample resume online too. You should check out the sample resume and note down the phrases and words used there. This will help you to get a good resume.

You can get a very good idea by seeing the sample resume. Sample resume will help you a lot in resume writing. Make use the ideas used in the sample resume and create your own resume which will appeal to the employers.

Resume format

Before resume writing you should always check out the resume format. It is very important to follow the correct resume format while resume writing. Resume formats are available online. You can use those resume format in your own resume. There are many resume formats available and you should choose the format according to the job.


It is very difficult to determine what to emphasize on in a resume. You need to make a resume which is different than the rest and comes to the manager’s notice. You need to make your resume exceptionally different than the others so that the manager chooses your resume over thousands of other resume. While resume writing do not be in a hurry.

Take your time and get a resume done that appeals your HR manager. You need to add some dimensional features to your resume to earn an interview. Make a resume that is easy and highlight your achievements so that it grabs the manager’s attention.

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