A Bangkok Weekend


Presently South East Asia has grown immense interest in the field of global tourism and Bangkok contributes a lot for the fame. Bangkok the capital of Thailand welcomes travelers heartily and none of the places of South Asia is comparable to Bangkok in tourism. If we think that the place is famous for Thai cuisine, Buddhist temples and the beautiful city only then we are absolutely incorrect. The fascinating nightlife of Bangkok is a point of attraction for we guys and a weekend visit to the capital city can give us an unforgettable experience.

Though a weekend trip to Bangkok is a very short one, still we can have vigor of the rowdy and the indulgent offerings of the city life of Bangkok. When you are coming out of the Suvarnabhumi airport slowly the Bangkok’s loud and heavy traffic filled roads and the adventurous crowd will make you crazy and you will feel sorry to remember you have a weekend only to have a taste of Bangkok city life. Depending on your own expenditure planning you can get a lodge, guest house and hotels of various range and variety. The Bangkok city is like Las Vegas is a 24 hrs open city and also famous as a shopping destination. Before having the experience of nightlife you can have a boat ride and enjoy the royal life style of the place with excellent scenic beauty.

Bangkok is a heaven for guys loving shopping. Designer clothes, western branded clothes and tailor made clothes are very famous. It is a delight for the shopkeeper also because most of the people loose controls of buying since the shops are filled with attractive goods at an affordable rate. But Chatuchak weekend market is a must visit place as it is told that it is having 15000 stalls and a good which is not found here is not present in Thailand. Other than this the floating markets are on boats. Fruits, flowers and spices are very famous of the floating markets.

Bangkok is very famous for traditional massage and lots of massage parlor can make you feel fresh and ready for the night life of the place. After sun set the night spots of the place turns alive and will make you awake with western style pubs, hostess bars, go-go bars and many other places where night turns colorful beyond imagination.