6 Pack Abs In 6 Weeks


Of you have a pot belly and have convinced yourself that you cannot ever have that pack of abs you are in for a surprise guys. The fact of the matter is that you already have those abs – you have only misplaced them under a lot of tripe you have colleted over the years!

If you come up against someone who tells you that you can develop your abdominals – or any part of your muscle for that matter – within a certain time period, chances are they are taking you for a fool. Now I don’t mean to discourage you, you can definitely achieve a great deal of success when it comes to weight loss and muscle gain, but what I am trying to say is that you must give it time – as a rule of thumb you must give yourself an equal number of months as the number of years you have neglected yourself. Many of you guys out there will burn that fat a lot faster and gain muscle even faster but never force results before they are due.

When it comes to developing that pack of abdominals you see a lot of guys sporting, you must remember that you have to work the muscle group daily – without fail and without driving them to fatigue. The muscle groups include the abs, back and oblique muscles. This includes leg raises (both on your back and on your side) and some crunches without actually sitting right up. Just lying on your back and raising your head and shoulders a few inches will suffice. For the back muscles, lie on your stomach and raise your torso up on your hands as far as you can. Try to improve on the level of elevation as much as possible.

Last but not the least, change your exercises around a few times a month so that the muscles don’t get used to the muscle movements. If they do they will stop responding and you will be working for nothing.