6 Great Ways To Be Frugal When Shopping For A Large Family

6 Great Ways To Be Frugal When Shopping For A Large Family

6 Great Ways To Be Frugal When Shopping For A Large Family The economic slowdown and unemployment scenario has forced many families to cut on their monthly expenditure. People are forced to change a certain lifestyle because of the financial hardships, but it is a time to learn something about better budgeting.

You need to shift the focus on the wider scene rather than catering to individual needs. Moreover, if the family is large then it is very difficult to decide what to shop and how much to spend on a particular item. We have some tips for you that will help in taking better spending decisions.

Don’t Run Behind Brands

This is one of the most basic things that you need to adopt. There is no use of spending large sums on food and clothing belonging to bigger brand names when you can get the same from brands that are cheaper. Yes, the bigger brands are usually costly and you should try to look for a substitute at a lower price.

Cut Back

It is true that everybody likes tasty food but during difficult times, you should learn to cut back on certain expenses. Instead, buy food items which are healthy and cheaper. It is always better to fill tummies rather than to eat tasty food and remain hungry on the next day.

Bulk Shopping

During difficult times it is the best option to shop for food items in bulk. For e.g. if you buy a packet of fresh packaged chicken then it will only have three or four pieces in it but if you opt for frozen bags of chicken, it would save you $3-5 a package with five to seven pieces of chicken per package.


Panning about your meals is a very essential part of saving. You need to work out on how the leftover food can be used for evening or next day with little add-ons. Moreover, there is no need to use unnecessary and expensive ingredients for recipes. Keep the food simple, for e.g. you don’t really need to add meat to spaghetti and it can feed a family of five or six very easily.

Fresh Food

Don’t opt for easy to make and frozen foods like fish sticks or frozen dinner. Rather buy the ingredients for the recipe and make it yourself. Firstly, you will be able to save a lot of money and secondly, the food will be healthier too. However, this may be a little time consuming but it’s always better to save some bucks.


Using coupons is also a great way to save on shopping expenses. If it seems a little awkward to cut a coupon and present it, think of the extra things you can buy by saving from coupons. Visit stores and marts which offer coupon services and have maximum sale days. Try collecting as many coupons as possible and save when you go out shopping the next time.

If the times are really bad then it is better to swallow a little pride and look for cheaper options. Moreover, when you will be back in business, shift to upper lifestyle again. After all, desperate times call for desperate measures.