5 Must-Do Grooming Treatments


Few years back a guy walking in to a men’s salon would have been an example of feminine self of a man. But now it has become an important part of self grooming. To look good and to get pampered adds confidence and improves personality of an individual.There are few activities which guys needs to take care before 35. Generally men are very careless about face and skin. Face massages and facial along with steam, masks and peels can give a clean and well maintained look. The dead cell removal from face can give a guy a feeling which application of bathing soap cannot give in his lifetime. There are also special facials proposed and done by specialist and beauticians across the globe. They are mainly to nourish and take care of few skin problems like pigmentation and dark circles along with patches on the face due to sun light. If a guy does not know what kind of facial and face treatment he needs then there is no point to worry because estheticians will investigate and after that will suggest suitable facial for him.

Manicure and Pedicure are two most important things after facial. A dirty fingernail or stinky feet will make a guy less presentable and less attractive. Through manicure and pedicure one can take care of the feet and the nails and can gain a soft foot skin and clean hands which make him ‘The presentable’ among others. Again hair coloring can make a guy look trendy and stylish. But it is very important for one to choose the perfect hair color that suits one’s personality and mental self.

Head massage can give instant relief from head ache and it helps in proper blood circulation in the skull which in turn helps in hair growth and also takes care of dandruff. Above all is a proper hair cut which is the last but not the least grooming step as it is directly related to ones look and personality. So we can say even if a salon is a bit expensive but give a try to it to look more gorgeous and presentable.