5 Exercises For Men To Perform Better Sex


Exercise is always good for performing better in the bed! When you workout, you will be having better sex with your partner, even as it increases endurance, according to physiologists. But not every type of exercise will boost your libido.

Try the following five exercises and perform better.

Exercise No.1: For better sex, weightlifting can be helpful as it boosts testosterone production, which is the source of sex drive in men. You should lift weights till you feel fatigued, apart from which you can do push-ups, crunches and sit-ups for boosting sex-life.

Exercise No.2:  Kegels’ Exercises improve endurance and control since they tone up (PC) Pubo-coccygeus muscles, which help you to stop urine flow midway. These exercises can help you perform better sex, since you will be able to hold ejaculation by constricting the muscles before orgasm. Exercise involves stopping of urine midway, by squeezing PC-muscles.

Exercise No.3: Try to rekindle your sexual prowess with some newer positions. Yoga can give you better sex-life, even as you experiment with some new positions to derive utmost pleasure from intercourse.

Yoga helps you to become flexible, and flexibility is all that matters in sex. There are a number of postures which can not only kindle more interest in sex, but overhaul your entire approach to sex.

Exercise No4: If you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction or ED, aerobic exercise that burns a minimum of 200 cal. daily can help you improve your sex life. Brisk walking is a best exercise to help ED, since it improves blood circulation.

When you walk fast, run or indulge in aerobic workouts, you are going to improve your sex life according to experts, who say that these activities clear your blood vessels, resulting in stronger and longer erection.

Exercise No.5:
Similarly, swimming is reported to have improved sex lives of people who are crossing their forties. Since sexual activity is an act of endurance, when you indulge in swimming long-distances, you can keep on going. Your sexual endurance, according to experts, will increase if you swim daily for a minimum of 30 minutes. It can also reduce your weight, which is also a plus point for good sex.

If you lose at least 10 per cent of your body weight, according to a study, you will improve your performance in the bed manifold. Moreover, when you have those six-pack bodies, women get attracted towards you. When you have confidence in you, you will perform better.

By adopting these exercises, you can impress your partner and give her maximum pleasure.