5 Downsides Of Avoiding Conflicts In Relationship

5 Downsides Of Avoiding Conflict In Relationship

5 Downsides Of Avoiding Conflict In Relationship It is much common than we think to have conflicts and clashes in a relationship. Although, at the time when conflicts happen we might feel that we are the only ones to have so many issues; but in reality it is fairly usual to have disagreements and arguments in all kind of relationships.

After all, you are two different set of minds and there are bound to be differences of opinion. And it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong in your relationship, in fact it is quite healthy and can prove as an opportunity for growth for both you and your partner.

But it is understandably difficult to sometimes handle such situations and one might feel that avoidance is the best course of action. At times, we feel that the best way to handle a conflict is to avoid or ignore it altogether. Although you might feel that avoiding the situation will resolve it on its own, but on the contrary it has the tendency of developing into a much bigger problem.

And when that happens you might find that it is even more difficult to handle the problem. There are many downsides to avoiding conflict and a myriad of problems which might occur as a result. Here are a few things you should consider before you decide avoidance is the best way to resolve relationship conflicts.

It Builds Resentments

If you don’t face the issues cropping up in your relationship in a calm and steady manner, they have a way of building into bigger problems. Avoiding the issues might provide you with temporary relief but at the same time it is developing into a much bigger predicament.

Not handling conflicts then and there will help the resentment to build up inside you and your partner and what could have been resolved might now become a more irksome disparagement.

It Fosters Anger And Hurt

By avoiding conflict you are giving way for anger and hurt to build up inside your partner’s heart. You will be increasing their feelings of anger to even greater degree and the fact that you are not even bothered to tackle the issues will hurt your partner to a great degree.

5 Downsides Of Avoiding Conflict In Relationship

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You might be justified in thinking that it is better to avoid the issue at hand when you are in a foul temper but not coming back to it as soon as possible will show that you are not bothered about your relationship. It is much better to handle the conflict responsibly and maturely instead of waiting for a miracle to happen.

It Might Snowball Into A Fight

If you avoid facing the issue at hand, then what could have been resolved without any argument might later develop into a full-blown fight. Avoiding conflicts gives the other person more time and ammunition to think negative thoughts and build their anger to boiling levels.

They will start resenting you more than before and when the time comes their attitude is no longer calm or understanding. At this juncture, when you go to handle the conflict, you might find that the situation has blown out of proportion and you now have a full-blown fight in your hands. So, it is much better to address the problems in a healthy way.

It Will Harm Your Personality

Running away from issues and arguments will not only harm your relationship but at the same time will bring negative effects to your personality as well. You will soon become an expert at avoiding conflicts and this will not help you when you are forced to face the issues at hand.

You will slowly lose the positivity required to handle differences and this will affect other areas of your life as well. You will also start building a lot of pent up emotions inside you; as a result of not letting them out when you had the opportunity and this will alter your temperament drastically. An emotionally unstable mind could prove to be extremely harmful to all spheres of your life.

It Embitters The Relationship

Avoiding issues and conflicts when your partner wants to discuss them will make them feel bitter towards you and your attitude. This will in turn harm the relationship and what you have built so laboriously could be jeopardized because of one mistake.

There could be a time when it has become so damaging to the relationship that there are no chances of re-building it. So, it is better to tackle the conflict right away, instead of taking a chance which ruins your relationship in the long run.

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