5 Different Ways Of Expressing Your Love To Your Girlfriend

Expressing Your Love To Your Girlfriend

 Expressing Your Love To Your Girlfriend Every person falls in love and the feeling of having that special someone in life, makes every regular thing extraordinary.

When you start finding the sunrise a little different, when the first sunrays start offering more warmth to your heart that was once barren, when the dew drops become diamond for you with the sunshine making them glitter, when the flowers start becoming something special, when you feel the fragrance of fresh flowers in the mild breeze that passes by your breath every now and then, when the sunset starts appearing like a canvas of beautiful colors in the evening sky; and above all, when you start finding time to actually notice all this, be assured that you have fallen in love.

Just like love offers different shades to life, similarly there are different ways of expressing the same to your girlfriend to let her know that she has changed everything about you and around you. The best 5 ways of conveying your love to her are given as follows.

Tips To Expressing Your Love To Your Girlfriend

Words are you best friends

Not all men have the art to pen down what they feel, or the courage to speak out what they sense. Be that one brave guy and choose words as your best friend to differently express your love to your girlfriend. You don’t need to prepare a speech and rehearse the same nightlong; you don’t need to Google flamboyant words and learn them by heart as well, all you need to do is close your eyes when she meets you and take a deep dive into the ocean of time.

Once you start living the changes that she made to you and how the world looks different in her company, words will automatically start coming out of your mouth. Never let the grip of time fall weak; and thus, keep looking in her eyes and caste the spell of love all around to make things magical.

Every woman imagines of being treated specially by her boyfriend, and when your girl sees the truth in your eyes while you keep expressing your changed perception about the world; the river of romance starts flowing in your love life gradually. There can be nothing more special than expressing your love with honesty and simplicity.

A surprise dinner under the shade of a tree

There can be nothing more beautiful than holding her hand and witnessing the fading colors of a beautiful sunset to eventually make way for a full moon sky, with stars glittering all around. Arranging for a surprise dinner, once you both get soul soaked in the unsaid expression of love towards each other, adds more magic to the moment. It brings forth your desire to spend more and more time with her.

Ways Of Expressing Your Love To Your Girlfriend

Dessert with a smiley or a heart shaped cake with a message ‘I love you’, need no more words to let her know that you have seriously fallen for her head over heels. Such a romantic dinner under the oath of a beautiful night sky, followed by your love note would eventually make her fall for you again and again. A small walk, with her hands in yours, would make the moon shy away behind the passing white clouds again and again.

Flower connection with love

How often do you offer flowers to a girl? Well practically, may be many times. But how many times do they convey a love expression without the need of any more words? The answer is, only at such times when you offer them to convey much more than just likeability and attraction.

If you want to express your love to your girlfriend, but are falling short of words; red roses can help you largely. Red color and red roses have always been considered as a symbol of love. It hardly matters whether you are in a teen relationship or a mature relationship; this is because, love sees no age and so does the flowers.

A bunch of red roses with no thorns and a love note, dropped at the place of your girlfriend would make her know that you love her, without you having the need to say anything else. A note saying ‘I plucked the thorns and would keep on doing it, so that nothing bruises your hands or soul’, would do wonders in expressing the intensity of your passion.

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Blindfolding her, only to give her a real surprise

You must be going out almost regularly with your girlfriend, like usually couples do. But there is hardly something romantic that happens in those regular dates that can express your love to her. Other than helping her in crossing a busy street, holding her hand, or kissing her secretly; there is hardly anything that you can do to let her know that you love her.

5 Different Ways Of Expressing Your Love To Your Girlfriend

It makes such things quite regular for her and these are no more expressions of love that you would have wanted to convey to her. Thus, you can make your date a little different from what it usually is. It is a good idea of reminding her or expressing to her that you love her. One brilliant idea of doing it is arranging a 2 or 3 (or even for a single day, which may or may not be an overnight stay) day trip to one of her dream destinations.

Once you are about to reach that place, you can blindfold her to keep it a surprise. Once she would find herself standing at such a place, it would be no less than ‘a dream come’ true for her. It would be one of those very rare occasions when she initiates a kiss until the two of you slip away in love. There could be no better way of expressing not just your love, but your care about whatever makes her happy and smile.

Strewn her way with flowers

However this way is quite atypical and un-heard of, but it can convey different meanings to different men. While for some it can practically means spreading flowers in the pathway she usually takes, for the others it could hold a philosophical meaning too i.e. solving the biggest problems in her life.

No matter which way your mind works, both the ways are quite loud and expressive that you feel no shame in doing things for your girl, irrespective of what the world around you feels or says. Though, you need to take care when you take this advice literally, as it shouldn’t be a cause embarrassment to the girl in public. Thus, keeping the event a little private will increase intimacy and love, both.

You can literally create a pathway of flowers to welcome her in your private belongings. This would make her feel wanted in your life and will properly convey your care. The other way needs no real flowers or words to even say that you love her.

When you actually stand ahead the world to make sure that her life keeps on running smoothly, your actions convey your message perfectly. All the above-mentioned 5 different ways of expressing love to your girlfriend are some of the best ways of letting her know that she is the most important person in your life.

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