5 Causes of Hypertension – Are You at Risk?


hypertension Hypertension or Blood Pressure has become so common that even youngsters are now complaining of Blood Pressure and many of them are under medication even at the early age. 

Unfortunately, science has not yet established the precise reasons for hypertension, although it has given enough remedial measures. Naturally, those suffering from Blood Pressure also look to the remedial measures rather than knowing the reasons why they have hypertension.

The causes for High Blood Pressure can be grouped into five categories:

1.  Age: This is a natural phenomenon over which no one has any control. It is now said that people in the age group 35 – 55 years are prone to suffer from hypertension. In the case of women, they are likely to suffer from blood pressure after menopause.

2. Genetic factor: Normally, people belonging to a particular race or genetic group are likely to suffer from hypertension. For example, African Americans become hypertensive at an early age compared to the Caucasians. Researchers are unable to precisely correlate between genetic factor and hypertension.

3. Hereditary: This is one of the biggest reasons for hypertension. But here again the researchers are unable to correlate the reasons for hereditary causes of hypertension. Persons in this group can avoid or at least postpone blood pressure if they take some preventive measures like walking, good food habits, etc.

4. Obesity: This is yet another common reason for blood pressure. With increase in weight the cholesterol level increases. With increase in cholesterol, level of triglyceride in the body increases.

The cholesterol and triglyceride naturally cause high blood pressure and this would result in heart ailments also. Therefore, those with body index higher than 30 should be very careful and take necessary action to reduce the obesity.

5. Lifestyle: Those who are inactive are likely to suffer from high blood pressure. In such people, one of the reasons for high blood pressure is lack of exercise. Apart from this, those who are not active are likely to suffer from High Blood Pressure for the very simple reason, they become obese.


Age, Genetic factor and Hereditary are not within our control and such people fall in the group that has likely chances of being hypertensive. But Obesity and Lifestyle are within our control. Good exercise, proper diet and keeping oneself engaged in some activity or the other will keep such persons avoid blood pressure.

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