4 Effective Tips To Treat Dry Patches Along The Hairline

4 Effective Tips To Treat Dry Patches Along The Hairline

4 Effective Tips To Treat Dry Patches Along The Hairline Dry patches along the hairline are caused by myriad factors. Be it harsh climates like cold winters, hot summers, windy climes etc different food allergens; harsh chemicals used in various hair products like different shampoos, conditioners and gels and inadequate hydration and moisturizing.

The good thing is that most of the situations are preventable and remediable. We will tell you how you can treat the dry patches along your hairline by various methods.

4 Effective Tips To Treat Dry Patches Along The Hairline

Change Your Shampoo And Conditioner

Don’t buy shampoos and conditioners that are rich in harsh and damaging chemicals. Instead use products that contain natural ingredients like essential oils, urea, vitamin E, shea or coco butter and tea tree oil. In a nutshell, herbal shampoos and conditioners are best for your dry patches since they moisturize thoroughly and have no damaging side effects. Conditioning after shampoo is must, so choose one that enhance the shampooing benefits giving extra protection to your long suffering skin. For better result massage the conditioner gently on the problem area directly.

Use Warm Water For Best Results

Both hot and cold water are extra damaging for the dry skin. It is best to use warm or cool water. It both moisturizes and initiates blood circulation so as to help repair the dry hairline patches. It is also important to ensure that no traces of shampoo or conditioner remain after washing the hair; residues always cause dryness negating the beneficial effects.

Keep The Skin Hydrated

While external care helps a lot with the dry skin, it is the proper hydration of your body that does the actual trick. Water is not called the source of life in vain. It is essential for the healthy and smooth working of our bodily function. Proper blood circulation gets reflected in the radiance of the skin which is a sure sign of good health.

The dry patches along the hairline will vanish like magic if your body is replete with fluids at all times. It helps to combat external influences that cause the dryness and also removes the body toxins that can damage your skin from inside. So, drink plenty of water– at least eight to ten glasses every day-and all kinds of fluids, there is no alternative to it if you want to moisturize and remedy your dry skin.

Massage To Improve Circulation

Nothing in the world works better than a hot oil massage; it will make all your dry patch problems vanish in thin air. Use any nourishing oil that you can lay your hands on. Be it coconut, olive or almond. Before applying the oil rinse your hair to remove the superficial dirt and then take the natural oil of your choice within the palm of your hands and rub gently between the palms to warm it up.

Now apply it lingeringly and soothingly on all your problem areas along with the hair. Neglect no area especially along the hairline and take extra care to massage longer. Do it before going to bed and keep it overnight. Rinse thoroughly with warm water in the morning. Repeat every week for best results.

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