4 Amazing Tips To Make Gray Hair Thicker

4 Amazing Tips To Make Gray Hair Thicker

4 Amazing Tips To Make Gray Hair Thicker With the graying of the hair there is a gradual thinning of the strands. Therefore, external agents are required to replenish the lost luster of the tresses and give them volume that is noticeable.

4 Amazing Tips to Make Gray Hair Thicker

Use of Thickening Agents

First of all rinse your hair with the use of warm water and then apply thickening shampoo. The shampoo may be used every day in case of oily tresses however if your hair is naturally dry restrict the use of the shampoo; give a gap of 3 days otherwise frequent shampooing will exacerbate the inherent dryness resulting in damage.

To be maximum effective the hair thickening shampoo and conditioner must be gently massaged into the scalp so as to open up the follicles resulting in maximum effectivity. After rinsing the hair post shampoo use a soft towel gently to wipe away the water, avoid vigorous rubbing which will achieve nothing but damaged tresses and a springy unmanageable look that is hard to stylize.

Once you have ensured that no water is dripping from the tresses use a wide-toothed comb to part your hair in four sections. Now dry out each section gently and gradually with the help of a blow dryer. In case of extremely dry hair use of a dryer may be quite debilitating.

In such a case, it is better to allow the hair to dry out naturally or you may use an ionic dryer that dries out gently without doing anything to the thin film of moisture that remains clinging to the hair strands.

Take Care of Your Diet

Stick to a protein rich diet. Protein repairs the damaged tissues and initiates hair follicular cell division resulting in hair growth and thickening. Include protein rich products like beans, legumes, soya, nuts and non-veg food material such as eggs, fish, meat etc. in your diet. Similarly, vitamin E also helps in the maintenance of hair follicle health, providing nutrition to the undernourished roots.

Make Gray Hair Thicker With Diet

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Therefore, it is important that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables including mangoes, spinach, avocados, and tomatoes etc. Leafy vegetables and fruits are a rich source of all the important minerals and nutrients that are quite essential for the health of our tresses and therefore need to be included in our daily diet regime.

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Diet Supplements

If thinning out of the hair is quite alarming you may resort to vitamin and mineral supplements besides the regular healthy meals. Vitamin A, C and E including mineral supplements like zinc and selenium may be quite helpful in adding volume to your lackluster tresses.

Oil Massages and Henna

Hot oil massages using olive or coconut oil can be applied regularly to add both shine and volume to the thinning crown. Take some oil of your choice between the palm of your hands and rub to heat it up then apply it gently but thoroughly covering every inch of the head and every strand. Keep it overnight to get the maximum effect. Similarly application of henna powder to the hair helps to increase the volume miraculously.