3 Secrets To Whiten Skin Fast

3 Secrets To Whiten Skin Fast

3 Secrets To Whiten Skin Fast Till date across the globe fair skin is the most important criteria for gauging the beauty of a person. So, it is no wonder that most of us who are less endowed with respect to skin color are obsessed with getting a lighter and whiter skin tone.

Sometimes, even the white skinned person turn a darker shade due to hyperpigmentation caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight; or certain dark shade areas may appear due to the same reason in an otherwise flawless complexion. Chemical whiteners available in the market may give instant results but harm your skin in the long run so, better stick to natural ingredients. This is how you may whiten your darker visage instantaneously.

3 Secrets To Whiten Skin Fast

Homemade Masks

Almond paste is a natural skin lightener; it also cleans away the clogged pores to give a softer, smoother and brighter skin tone. To make a facial mask using almonds soak them overnight. In the morning peel off the skin of almonds and mash it in a blender using a little milk to make a paste. Apply the paste evenly on your face before going to bed. Let it remain through the night. In the morning wash off the paste using cold water, pat dry and apply moisturizer. Continue the routine for a few weeks and you will see a marked difference.

Another homemade mask that gives fast effect is a mixture of tomato and yoghurt with oatmeal. Apply the mix on your face evenly with your fingers or by using a spatula. Leave for 15 minutes and wash off with cold water. Continue regularly for some time to see the difference.

Same goes for a paste of mint leaves and a mixture of plain yoghurt with powdered orange peel. Both these masks give a marked and instant effect.

Natural Bleaching Agents

Foremost among the natural bleaching agents is lemon juice. So, hoard your fridge with a plenty of those. Use freshly squeezed juice every time because fresh juice has a far better effectivity.

Make a paste using milk powder, lemon juice, honey and almond oil. Apply it evenly on the face using your fingers. Keep it for half an hour and rinse with cold water. Lemon’s bleaching properties come to fore quite fast so that you notice a difference after only a few helpings. And by adding honey and milk powder you are replenishing the moisture lost due to the use of lemon.

Potatoes also bleach your skin naturally to produce a whitening effect. Cut thin slices from a potato and place them on your face keep for half an hour and see the gradual difference. Aloe vera also has a lightning and soothing effect on your skin.


Regular exfoliation of skin using homemade peels also lightens up your skin fast. Our darker skin is caused by external factors like sunlight, and all the dirt and grime our body is exposed to everyday. Regular exfoliation peels off the dead cells from our skin surface exposing the lighter underlying layer. Effective peels can be made using brown sugar with oatmeal together with rough sea salts.

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