10 Sexy Moves to Thrill Your Partner


sexymoves Now’s your opportunity to create an evening filled with love and activities your man won’t ever forget.  That is, until the next time you get together.  Here are some exciting options you can try with your man.

Try putting on a romantic movie to foster feelings of love and togetherness.  Cuddling on a warm couch under a blanket can help you set the right mood.

Pamper yourself a bit. A hot bath or a deep massage can help you feel refreshed. Treating yourself well will not only leave you feeling better but make you more willing to put extra effort into pleasing your man.

Write an old fashioned love letter. Sprinkle a little perfume on the paper and put it somewhere he’s sure to find it the following morning. Writing your thoughts down with pen and paper is far more meaningful and exciting than sending a cold email or text message.

Don’t be afraid of silence.  If you feel comfortable with one another you don’t always have to talk, you can just be together.  Lay under a starry sky or on the beach. It can be incredibly romantic to snuggle and share quiet moments with one another.

Find a picture of yourselves that really embodies how you feel about each other.  Try looking for a photograph where you are looking at each other adoringly, and have it laminated as a bookmark.

Buy matching pieces of lingerie. A matching bra and panties can really send shivers down your man’s spine.

You can create sexual tension by undressing him slowly. He’s likely to melt in your hands if you prolong the experience.

Men adore praise, so tell him how good he makes you feel. It will not only boost his self-confidence but also let him know exactly what gives you the most pleasure.

Let your hands rove over his body.  Many people believe that men are only interested in having intercourse as quickly as possible, but that is not the case.  Men love when you indulge in foreplay and explore their bodies.

Another option is to tell him in advance what you would like to do the next time you see each other.  This can be in another letter or over the phone.  Tell him what you want him to do and he’s sure to oblige you the next time you’re between the sheets.