How Living In The Now Works?
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The power of living in the now is a great feeling of total happiness where all sense of time and space is completely lost. The person is living completely engrossed in the moment and does not have any realization of the past or worries about the future. This is the basic concept of power of now form of meditation that is so prevalent these days.

The basic reasoning behind the marvellous success behind the power of ‘now’ practice is that the moments experienced in the state of mind of now are completely free from any act of judgement for anything. The person simply exists in the present happiness of the moment and does not go further or backwards from there. He is not concerned about any thoughts about any other things. He is simply involved in the moment observing it with complete fixation and so his attention is not diverted anywhere else. In this state of mind the person comes in true touch with himself. He is no longer in any kind of conflict with himself. He is completely at ease with what he is, and has no negative feelings or emotions about anything.

This is a state where a person does not judge anything. He realizes the beauty and perfection of everything. It is one of a kind experience that peaks in all the great emotions attached with it. These experiences provide complete respite from all negativities and develop a deeper understanding of the human consciousness of the being. It is something akin to becoming extremely large hearted. There remains no space for pettiness and this is the reason why all the happiness one experiences becomes a peak experience. This is also the reason why the peak experiences are enjoyed so much. They are important for human existence. The people who keep getting more and more negative in their thought process actually lose the ability to experience sensibility and sensitivity of enjoying these peak experiences.

When the barriers of the negative emotions are dropped, even if it is done momentarily, the person enjoys the true beauty that lies within everything and everybody. This glimpse makes the progress in the direction of positive set in the path of the affirmative. This experience derails the train of negative thoughts completely and with a little practice the train of negative thoughts actually can stay derailed forever. This is the final outcome of the power of now meditation. Here the state of mind that experiences the peak experience is prolonged with slow and deliberate effort. It is also said that a person with a steady, conscious and premeditated effort can actually master the art of staying in this state of ‘now’ forever or at least for most of the time. This would be a state of real bliss and the person would be actually want more and more to never get out of this state.

The person sees the perfect and indescribable beauty that is overflowing everywhere in this world. It is not visible to a person otherwise because of the negative feelings inside us and not of anything else. This is the state of mind where a person also comes into contact with his inner most potential and actually derives the power to achieve it. It is a state of developing super consciousness and actually getting all that one desires to. But for this state the root cause of desires and frustrations have to be cut down. And these are cut down only when one lives in the moment that is present without thinking of the past or the future.

In order to achieve this state of mind the most important thing is to control the ego. Ego is that part of the human mind which has opinions about everything and everyone. A person who is blinded by the ego is constantly making opinions about others who surround him. He would be spending more time with his ego and ego-ridden thought process and so would find that nothing is left for him to observe in the same beautiful world except his negative thoughts. This frustrates him further and he is caught in his web of thought process, whereas others might not be watching or even thinking about him anymore.

The process of meditating through the power of now is a very simple process of consciously removing all the thoughts from the mind and then not allowing the negative thoughts to re-enter the mind. This is like emptying a bag containing all sorts of thoughts to finally be able to see the moment that is present right in front. This moment is normally hidden behind the veil of so many detrimental thought processes that a person is never able to see it even though they may be existent always. The deliberate act of always being in the now is the key to the whole idea to be able to understand and develop the power and creativity of seeing newer perspectives in life.

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