Malta– A Truly Beautiful Experience

Safe and secure amidst the Mediterranean Sea, this tiny island has managed to capture the hearts of visitors from all over the world. With a diverse culture and endowed with varied scenery, the Maltese culture resembles many cultures, especially the British, having imbibed the best of all colonial influences.

Malta’s Mediterranean climate makes it a place that can be visited any time of the year. The spring and autumn months give the best conditions for a family holiday or a wedding or honeymoon package.

However, the summer months are the peak tourist season in Malta where you can enjoy the sun and the beaches and undertake many holiday activities like sightseeing, exploring the beaches and water sports.

The winter months in Malta are good for adventures sports and visiting the many historical attractions. Malta offers diverse terrains like splendid beaches, rocky areas, magnificent island retreats ,caves, valleys megalithic temples, pre historic artefacts and what not!

Malta is a great place for family holidays as the country offers numerous attractions for kids and adults. The nature reserves in Malta are ideal places for bird watching and photography.

Malta is also known for its festivals and carnivals. Depending on the time of your travel, one can attend the seasonal festivals like the food festival, jazz festival, music and dance festival etc. A very fertile land, Maltese terrain offers fresh produce for undertaking self catering holidays which can also reduce your holiday budget considerably.

A walk through the countryside of Malta is a great experience, taking you through the fresh and peaceful rustic atmosphere and the simplicity of the rural life with numerous activities like fishing, swimming, idling in the beaches or just walking around blissfully. The city life is Malta is in great contrast to the village scenes. The nightlife in Malta is something to be savoured in all its glory.

Gozo and Comino

As magnificent as Malta is the neighbouring islands Gozo and Comino. Visitors who come to Malta on package holidays make it a point to visit the numerous attractions of these islands. Comino’s turquoise waters are ideal for surfing and other water sports activities. Comino also offers a breathtaking view of the archipelago in all its glory!

Gozo is a completely different island with a rustic feel and touch! Gozitans are much more friendly and receptive towards tourists. Gozo is mainly known for its agriculture and fishing activities. Gozo holidays are great stress busters with beautiful activities like fishing and enjoying the vast expanse of rich and fertile lands….

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