Makeup Tips For Different Skin Tones

Makeup Tips For Different Skin TonesMakeup is one of the closest and one of the most reliable companions of women today. With the gradual advancement in the opinion and idea of fashion and style in modern woman, makeup has crossed the boundaries of theaters and opera world and crept into the daily lives of modern women.

Now, we wear makeup in parties, festivals, friends get together or official meetings and regular office. Then, does it mean that modern woman today dab on loads of makeup, like pudding and each office with a white, ghostly face or strikingly red, chubby cheeks ?

Absolutely not, makeup is an art. It is a way to highlight your God gifted facial assets in such a way that you stand apart from the crowd. It should look natural and sophisticated and give your face fresh and healthy look. But at the same time makeup must be such that it would hide away all those facial flaws you have such a pimples, acne marks, sun tanned spots, wrinkles etc.

When we go for applying makeup we must realize our skin color in the first place. It is totally foolish to try in vain to look fairer than the original skin complexion.

That way you never achieve your desired looks, only end up in making your face appear like a mask, standing out from your neck, arms and whole body. The trick of the makeup is to select the right products and items and blend them so well that they get merge with the skin tone uniformly.

Make up tips for various skin tones

It is important to realize that every skin tone has its specific skin requirement. Following that technique and adhering to products that bring out the natural skin tone more brilliantly will make the skin look gorgeous and beautiful.

Wheatish complexion

This tone is generally found among the oriental woman. This is a warm color that looks sexy and attractive if the perfect makeup tricks can be played upon it. But again, never try to look fairer. Rather insist on celebrating your warm color.

How to prepare the make up base

It is important to create a proper base makeup for your face and adjoining areas. For this you will require foundation, compact powder, concealor pencil.

Start with your work by dabbing in small amount of liquid foundation onto different areas of your face in small sport. For the color tone of the foundation, opt for waterproof varieties in colors like natural beige or honey. Select the latter shade if your skin tone is darker. Now, blend the foundation evenly all over your face in soft and gentle strokes.

After you have finishes check properly to see if the color has blended well with your skin o not or if there is any trace left behind.  Never forget to apply foundation on to your neck area, around your ears and your arms as well. It must never appear unnatural, reflecting various color tones from various parts of your body.

When you have finished applying foundation, carefully identify the areas where you can see your facial flaws. Dab on concealor which is of a tone lighter as that of your skin tone and then again, blend it well. Never forget the areas beneath your eyes as those are the places where you get those ugly dark spots.

Finally finish of at the last by puffing compact powder or translucent powder, as you wish. For the face powder, choose the tone that resembles your skin tone and the foundation tone, nothing lighter or darker should be used. Dust off any excess powder from your face, especially around your eyebrows, eyelashes and nose. So, your base makeup is complete.

Eye makeup for wheatish complexion

Those of you, who have wheatish complexion, must be careful while buying and applying eye color. Do not experiment much with colors in this aspect. Instead of going crazy about eye makeup colors settle down for brown, charcoal and dark grey shades for eye liners.

Those of the women, who have comparatively smaller eyes, must not apply thicker coats of eyeliner. Fine lines will make your eyes well defines instead and broader too.

You can also apply white eye pencil closer to your lower eye lid and then a black eye pencil border in that area to make your eyes look bigger. Your options for eye shadows will be shimmers or matt shades of copper, brown and bronze.

Lip colors for dark skin tone

Those of you who have wheatish or dark complexion should try to avoid light colors in lip makeup that resemble various shades of pink. That would further make you look down. Go for colors like maroon, dark maroon and wine red. If you are a bit more experimental dab on some gold or silver lip gloss at the middle part of your lips to make them look fuller.

Fair skin tone

This is the type of complexion a majority of women all over the world are fanatic over. The plus point of this complexion is that any makeup, whether loud o deep, can go well with this skin tone, provided those are applied correctly and aptly. But again, applying too much of everything is bad, as that would look even a fair skin as that of a dead body. So, know the right colors for you.

How to prepare the make up base

You have the same basic requirements as that of the wheatish complexion, ranging from concealor pencils, foundation base and face powder. But this time the selection of colors will be totally different.

Go for foundations that have slightly yellowish tones as white ivory or rose colors according to the tone of your fairness. In case you resemble yellow tone, go for white ivory, while for pinkish tones rose will be your choice. Anyways, dab the foundation all over the face, neck as well as hands and blend well.

Concealor selection will be a bit lighter than your natural skin tone which after concealing the flaws of your face, will be puffed over by face powder in the similar shade as that of the foundation.

Eye makeup for fair complexion

For eye makeup select colors like pink, light orange, peach for eye shadow or highlighters. Their eye liner options will be blue, green, etc. but black remains as all time favorite.

Lip colors for fair skin tone

You can go for natural shades for your lips. Chose pink, light mauve, orange for daytime wear and blackish red, bright red for evening parties.

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