Your Skin Tells Your Age


Your Skin can tell a lot about your age as well as the type of diet that you have. Eating right plays a big role in keeping your skin young and healthy looking. Eat these foods to have a younger healthy glow.

A Piece of Fruit a Day
Certain fruits have the power of helping your skin to look younger. Take pomegranates for example. They are packed with vitamin c and they protect you from the suns harmful rays and wrinkles. Also, they have properties that help to fight free radicals preserve collagen. The seeds are the best way to go. A ½ cup of blueberries is a great antioxidant. They contain more than most foods and give you extra added protection against the sun. Another plus is they help with stress free radicals. Give yourself a sweet treat with two cups of watermelon a week. Besides tasting delicious, it also helps to balance out the water and nutrients in your cells.

Don’t Forget Your Veggies

Two of the greatest veggies that you can add to your diet are kale and spinach. Green is power and they contain phytonutrients. They guard against sun damage and help to improve your skins elasticity. The antioxidant compounds add the extra to these veggies.

A Fish a Day

Fish that comes from cold water such as salmon, sardines and mackerel contain wonderful omega-3 fatty acids. These strengthen your skin cell membranes which help to keeping moisture. This can aid in reducing redness and skin rashes. Don’t over do it and only add about six ounces to your daily diet to much mercury.

Get That Even Color
By drinking green tea, it diminishes brown spots caused by the sun. If you add just one cup a day you could start seeing results in as little as a month. It contains catechins and it is one of the most powerful compounds for preventing sun damage.

Glow With Oil
Our bodies need good fats to stay healthy. Olive Oil contains healthy omega-3 and this will help to improve your circulation which in turn leaves your skin with a healthy glow. Just add a tablespoon to the frying pan instead of butter.