Your Skin Needs Care


Time has gone for those who define beauty as skin deep. It is the time to get the real skin beauty. Gone are the days when people used to panic when their skin becomes patchy, dry, dull and lots more however, it is the era of high tech and is blessed with so many solutions for any skin ailments unlike those olden days.

When you look at your skin in the mirror in the morning what you do is you start to notice some changes in your skin and you start getting worried and sometimes out of panicky you jump up to look for remedies to solve the problems. The best suggestion to you is not to worry so much just read this article and your problem is solved within a second.

If you have dull skin, go for face mask that would promise you glowing and smooth skin. These you can get from eggs face masks, mix oat meal and honey, yoghurt and almond paste. This is also good for tan skin. Apply the paste and leave for five or six minutes and wash it with Luke warm water.

Cucumber is the best cleanser. Mix with milk and it is the perfect cleanser instead of those cosmetic readymade cleansers. Incase if you have oily skin just immerse into mixture of grapes, lemon and eggs white and leave it for twenty minutes and rise with warm water. You will not miss to see the instant glow in your skin. Oily skin may work well during winter but not in summer; rather it can make you dull and tired all the time.

If you have black spots make paste of mahendi and oil and apply on the area. Leave it for sometime and wash it off. Besides, you can also go for turmeric and curry leave paste and leave it for fifteen minutes and wash it off. Like this there are many ways to achieve beautiful skin.