Your Own Vegetable Plantation


No experience is more rewarding than growing vegetables in your own backyard. Once you have tasted vegetables that have grown in your own home, the vegetables available in the supermarket stand will seem to belong to some inferior species.

It is essential to create the right environment in order to ensure that the plants grow in a healthy manner and hence grow to produce good fruits and vegetables. The most important part involves getting the land ready for cultivation of the crops.

First the soil has to be raked, then the seeds have to be sown and watered and later the weeds will have to be removed. Some people sow seeds for vegetables to be planted throughout the year, but the spring season is the busiest part of the year for them. Hence the cultivation of vegetables should be planned and coordinated properly.

The area being set aside to cultivate the vegetables should be dependent on the amount of time that can be allotted to monitor and supervise the cultivation and growth of the plants. If you are a busy person and can only spare time on the weekends to concentrate on your vegetable garden, then the area that you select to cultivate your vegetables should be small.

Planting and growing vegetables is an occupation that requires constant supervision and attention. Giving your vegetables 30 minutes a day should ensure that they grow in a healthy manner. The main benefits of growing vegetables in your own home are:

Good Health – Gardening is an activity that is a good hobby and can also substitute as a good form of exercise. It keeps you on your feet and physically active and also helps you soak some fresh air. Apart from the body, gardening is also good for the soul as it involves sowing the seeds in the soil and carefully watering them so that they can bear fruit very soon.

This activity can be very emotionally rewarding and give a person enormous mental satisfaction. Growing plants organically helps to maintain the nutritive value of the fruits and preserves the vitamins and minerals it contains as well as retains its freshness.

Financial Benefit – Maintaining a vegetable garden in your backyard, which grows all the vegetables, and fruits that you require for your everyday use also helps you to save a lot of money. You only need to purchase the right variety, which you want to cultivate in your backyard, and this will give you the entire produce of vegetables and fruits that you will require for that season.

The cost incurred on purchasing seeds will be only a fraction of the cost incurred from purchasing readymade vegetables and fruits from the supermarket. Large quantities of fruits and vegetables are produced in one garden. This can be distributed among friends and relatives as well as other people who are growing other varieties of their own produce.

Seasonal changes – Different fruits and vegetables can be grown in different seasons of the year. Hence you get to enjoy the best of food in every season. There is no transportation cost involved in obtaining these vegetables as they can be taken out of your own backyard and cooked in your kitchen.

The taste of these fresh vegetables cannot even be compared with the taste of vegetables procured from the local vegetable market.  Vegetables should be picked freshly specially during the summer and the winter. Stored roots, pumpkins, leeks, kale, sprouts and broccoli are the main crops available in winter.


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