Your Essential Partners Checklist


It is time for you now. The time that you and your partner have been waiting for is finally here. Your labour pains have started and now it is your partner who is in charge of bringing you safely to the hospital. It is important that your partner is ready when he brings you to the hospital. He needs to have some things prepared, already at hand when he brings you. Here are some of the things that he will require with him.

List of Contacts

First of all, he will need to have a list of contacts. The contacts should include the numbers of both of your parents, siblings, other close relatives and friends. Afterall they will also want to share your joy. If you have children then the babysitter should also be on the contact list. He can also bring his mobile phone along, as long as he uses it outside the hospital.


He should carry lots of change with him. This is one thing that is very important because it will be vital in saving time and he will need it everywhere, from car parks to vending machines.

He might have to spend the night with you so a spare T-shirt would do just fine. So would a toothbrush, toothpaste and some wipes. Afterall which baby would want a shabby dad?


He sure would want to take those first moments with the baby on film. So he should not forget his camera. A spare film, batteries and battery charger would be an added advantage.

Books and Snacks

To prepare for the possibility of a long labour he should keep his favourite book or magazines handy, just in case.

He will need to keep his energy levels up at this crucial time because you will be depending solely on him. So he might as well carry some chocolates and snacks with him.


And last of all this would be such a joyful moment for all of you, so why not bring along a box of tissues as well, for the happy tears.