Your birthday


If you are asked to guess out the birth date of a person from the given 365 days, then the probability of the correct answer will just be 1/365. All this is sounding quite mathematical, but don’t you think that birthdays are all mathematical?

Most of us do not believe that zodiac signs and numerology matters.
Here are the personality characteristics of people under the different zodiac signs.

-    Aquarians, who are born between 21st January and 20th February, are trust worth and truthful by nature.

-    Pisces include people who are born between the dates of 21st February to 20th march. The people under this zodiac sign are compassionate.

-    21st march to 20th April is the birth period of people under the zodiac sign, who are generally short tempered by nature. They are also impulsive.

-    Loyal and passionate are the Taurus, who take birth between the dates of 21st April and 20th may.

-    21st may to 20 June is the period between which the Gemini’s are born. They are very outspoken and creative by nature.

-    If one takes birth between 21st June and 20th July, he belongs to the zodiac sign of cancer. Cancerians are usually very calm and patient people.

-    ‘live life king size’, is the motto of the Leo group, who’s members take birth between 21st July and 20 august.

-    Zodiac sign Virgo belongs to perfectionists, who take birth between 21st august and 20th September.

-    Libra’s take birth between the dates of 21st September to 20th October. The people of this zodiac sign are very balanced and thoughtful.

-    Intelligent and optimistic are the people who take birth under the zodiac sign of Scorpio, and are born between the dates of 21st October to 20th November.

-    Sagitarians love challenges and experiences, and are born between the dates of 21st November and 20th December.

-    Finally, if you celebrate your birthday between 21st December and 20th January, then you are a Capricorn. Active and good business senses are the chief characteristics of these people.

It is also believed that people born in one season differ from people who are born in the other season. Personality traits also resemble and differ on these bases. Theories say that those people, whose birth date digits add up to the same number, are similar in nature. For example people born on the 3rd’s are similar to the people under the date of 21st.

Personality and nature of a person depends more on the up bringing and background, rather than the date of births. One’s personality is the mirror image of his attitude towards life.