Younger Looking Skin with Botox Injection


With aging, one can easily notice the increasing fine lines and wrinkles on the face. With the increasing research, the solution to this problem has also been found. The result is Botox, which is a trade name for Botulinium toxin Type A, manufactured and marketed by Allergan Inc. It works like magic on the skin and very quickly results in wrinkle free and young looking skin. After injecting Botox in to a specified facial muscle the activity that produces wrinkles are stopped.

It is such a quick method of treating wrinkle prone skin that it shows its results within 24-72 hours of the treatment and within a week you get a smooth and young looking skin. This treatment shows its result for about four months. After that the treatment has to be repeated to maintain the effect.

Food and Drug Administration approved Botox for cosmetic use in the year 2002. But several medical problems, like uncontrolled blinking, abnormal head position, cross eyes, etc, are also treated with it. By this process you can frown, smile or look surprised without the furrows, wrinkles and creases. But with this the negative emotions cannot be expressed. Always choose the right physician for the treatment, as a non-experienced physician can cause man complications. The sad part of the treatment is that it causes many side effects, such as headaches, bruising, redness and swelling around the injection site, nausea and even flu-like symptoms.

It is a very quick treatment. It just takes about 10 minutes. The choice of the doctor for the treatment should be very sensibly made. Prefer a plastic surgeon, cosmetic dermatologist or maxillofacial surgeon. The cost of treatment of this problem varies quite average of vague about $400 US per sitting.

No doubt it is a very effective and quick treatment but the longest term response of this problem is not known, therefore this treatment should be carried after keeping in mind its pros and cons.

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