Yeast infection

yeastinfectionwomen Yeast is a form of fungus. It is present in every human body, on the skin. This can be found in the areas that are usually moist such as the mouth and vagina. Studies show that from 20% to 50% of women carry yeast in their vaginal areas. Now that is alarming, isn’t it?

Strange but true, many people suffer from yeast infection and they do not even know it. The fungus that is responsible for such infection is candida albicans.

Now, this infection can get out of control and there are several reasons behind that. One is lack of proper diet. Other than that, there are certain medicines (antibiotics) that can trigger this infection.

That is not all. This can also be hereditary and stress too can cause this disease. All of this increases the quantity of the fungus on the skin, causing infection.

However, that is not the only reason why women can have yeast infection. If the inner vagina is injured, then one can have yeast infection. Apart from that, there are women who have suppressed immune system.

They are also prone to yeast infection. In some cases, pregnant women can also have yeast infection. Many tend to use vaginal hygiene spray, and studies show that these sprays can also cause the infection.

Most people make the mistake of taking antibiotics when they have yeast infection. That is absolutely wrong. The fungus, that is responsible, is capable of changing form and can resist the medication and grow immune to it.

Many believe that this is a sexually transmitted disease. That is not true. Men can have skin irritation of the penis, if they have sexual intercourse with someone who has yeast infection.

The diagnosis of this infection is almost similar to that of a biopsy. The doctor may collect a specimen by scraping it from the affected area and then examine that.

They usually examine it with the help of a microscope or culture that in a laboratory. That is one of the most common and popular method of identifying the infection. It is also more accurate and less expensive.

  • True… Yeast infection is not sexually transmitted. The fungi that cause it is already in us however there are some reasons behind why people get infected. Many people say that too much usage of antibiotics cause this infection… 🙂