Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

An expectant mother may surely be experiencing an overwhelming joy, but she will also notice some changes in her body. These changes can bring about infections related to yeast. You should take steps to get rid of yeast infection when you are pregnant.

When there is a marked growth of fungus called Candida, yeast infection manifests itself. This fungus is normally present in your system, but when your body is experiencing an imbalance due to conditions like pregnancy, you can suffer from overgrowth of Candida fungus and this will result in the infection.

For a pregnant mother to get rid of this situation, she cannot use any kind of medicine in view of the side effects that it may bring on the child in your womb. How do you then get rid of this fungus? You should try to get rid of it in the natural way.

Given below is a list of simple home remedies to get rid of this fungus infection.

1. Apples have a lot of antioxidants which can give a good fight to the fungus. Apples also substitute for sugar, on which the fungus feeds. Therefore include apples in your diet.

2. Garlic is very effective in giving a good fight to fungus infections. So, include lots of garlic in your food, or make a paste of it and directly apply it on the affected place.

3. Since Candida infection results in burning sensation and lots of itching, instead of scratching the place, use lots of honey by applying honey directly on the infection. Also include honey in your diet.

These are simple natural home cures and they are powerful enough to give you positive results. Moreover, they do not bring about any kind of side effects either on you or on your child in the womb. There are also some other remedies which you can use in the comfort of your home, which include alum, aloe vera and others, provided you are aware of their proper use. They are not very hard to use, only a systematic and consistent usage of natural cures will see you through the infection, and you will once again be healthy.