Worlds Shortest Marriages


Marriage is a bond between two people and a kind of commitment that makes them together for rest of their life. Today, this life long relationship is becoming a relationship of few days. In the great world of stardom and glamour, the blissful relationship of marriage is surviving just for few hours instead of being the tight bond of everlasting relationship.

Now-a-days marriages are become as institution of ease and convenience. It is losing its crucial features like responsibility, love or trust. Thus, the relationship is breaking in few hours or even minutes. There are several examples that are perfect to teach someone that temperament and hurry can make this beautiful relationship a big spar. Hence, the result is break up between couples.

Little confusion becomes a big trouble and thus, lifelong relationship ends in an hour. If you see the examples of world’s short marriages then you can conclude easily that most of them end before their first anniversary. In addition, there are some examples of such couples that have long term friendship but their marriage end in few months.

So, in order to state some well known examples of world’s short marriages here are few:

Svetozar Marinkovic and Robin Givens, end their marriage on the same day of their wedding.  Second example is of an American actress who was Hungarian- born name Zsa Zsa Gabor and her husband name Felipe De Alba who was a well known attorney as well as popular actor had breakup in 1983. Their relationship ended in a day but they got separation on different dates.  Marriage of both of them existed from 13-April-1983 to 14-April-1983. Their wedding is declared as invalid, since actress’s prior nuptials with Michael O’Hara was not completely dissolved.  Alba was her 8th husband and the lesson anyone can get from this example is that” get legal clearance from your last marriage”.

Britney Spears marriage with her childhood friend pal Jason Alexander broke in 55 hours. The reason is their improper understanding and dislikes.  In addition, Michelle Phillips and Dennis Hopper quit from their bliss wedding in only 8 days.

Catherine Oxenberg and Robert Evans lasted their marriage in 12 days. The reason is that they get such decision only after the four days of their first meeting. Jeremy Thomas’s matrimony with Drew Barrymore ended in 29 days only.

Unfortunately, numbers of such cases are recorded that makes this heavenly relationship as fun.  Today, marriages are takes by some people as error game or trial. Thus, they do not try to fulfill their commitments and hence, they get separation in fractions of second.