Women are Emotionally Intelligent


There are quite few people in the world who are aware of the fact that the mind is the central processing unit of the whole body. The thinking and the working of every mind vary from person to person. The nature as well as capabilities of the person also varies because of the capabilities and the processing of the mind. But it is revealed from several types of surveys that women are more intelligent in comparison to men.

The difference in the nerve mass and balance in the brain of women makes them multi-tasking along with well managed work as compared to the men.  But there are several facts in which either men or women or both of them are intelligent. These facts can be expressed as the working intelligence, managing intelligence, learning intelligence, emotional intelligence and many more. Here are some of the facts that show that women are more emotionally intelligent than men:-

It is the fact that the women easily discuss their feelings as well as emotions with other while men are far away from this particular task. This happens because the men take their problems and worries lightly. That is the reason why the women are supposed to be best in the verbal skills whereas men are supposed to be non sensitive. A woman who is working in the office easily manages the work along with the family and college work. In addition she also better understands and feels the needs of the family members.

Another great thing which proves that the women are emotionally intelligent in comparison to men is that at the time of pregnancy they become extra intelligent and develops caring along with the accurate judgment power. The women take care of all the present as well as the future requirements of the family and the up-coming child and thus they prove themselves to be wiser than men.