Why men fall asleep after sex

mensleepaftersex A very well known issue between the sexes is that men fall asleep right after sex. Whether you’re male of female you will know about this problem. It’s not the same for everyone but it is a very common problem.

You might not view is as a problem but there are many who do. After sex, many people might like to hold their partner and talk. This is more so true for women.

If you’re a man you might not think it’s a problem. However, your partner might be getting very sick of it. If you want to keep having a good sex life you need to please your partner, right? Of course!

Falling asleep after sex – is that bad?

There are not many men who realise how serious this issue can be. Okay, so you’re tired after sex. However, you need to think about the signals that you are sending to your special someone.

If you have had good sex, you are satisfied right? Your partner is hopefully satisfied too. If she is not, you should make sure that she is next time! If you are satisfied there’s no reason to stay awake, right? Wrong! Often you are sleeping in bliss, totally unaware that your partner is lying beside you feeling neglected and possibly even used.

Often this is compounded by the stress of feeling that their emotional needs are not being considered. If you show some support and caring, it is often enough help in itself. You need to be aware of your partner’s emotional needs if you are to have a good sex life.

If you don’t make the effort you will kill your sex life.

If you are in a serious relationship or even a marriage you know how boring sex can get. It’s funny but most of the time men will go out and try all sorts of things to spruce up their sex life, while ignoring their partner.

Who is the person who has sex with? You cannot have sexual intercourse by yourself can you? If you are only focusing on the size of your penis, special techniques, sex moves, toys and the like – you’re missing the point.

Often the best way to turn a woman on is to fulfil her emotional needs. You need to treat her good in every aspect of life. It’s a popular opinion that being emotionally available and open is a sign of weakness – that somehow women are not attracted to caring men.

This is utter garbage. Your partner wants to be noticed. She wants to be loved. Yes, she wants a “real” man but that does not mean you need to act like a caveman.