Why Do Families Fall Apart

Why Do Families Fall Apart

Why Do Families Fall Apart

In many families, there exists at some point, conflicts and troubles that threaten and can even tear a family apart, so what can be the iceberg in families that causes them to sink? Could the reason be due to financial issues or disputes?

Could one or both spouses in a relationship just decide to divorce each other and seek love and/or companionship elsewhere? Or could the break up in a family be due to the stress of raising and caring for children?

One or more of these reasons could be the cause of breakups in families, as the circumstances and reasons are behind the decline of families. A beginning of the end of a solid family relationship can begin at anytime and when it begins, it gradually chokes the life out of the family until it passes out and ceases to exist.

It could happen when one day, someone in the family loses their job and becomes severely depressed and begin to take their frustration out on the family, who becomes the victims of the aggression of the aggressor.

Another reason for families falling apart is when one or both parents suddenly die, leaving the kids without a parent or parents to raise and guide them and the children are usually sent to other relative’s homes or to a foster home, if other relatives are unable or are unwilling to care for the child or children.

care for the child or children

Also a reason for the decline of most families is the lack of love by the parents toward themselves and/or their children and the reason for that lack of love can be anything. Loveless marriages and relationships with children are always bad for the children who are very sensitive to their parent’s treatment towards each other and themselves and when they see their parents fighting over an issue, the kids believe that they are the cause of the fighting and become depressed for this fact.

Endless spouting and strife in families are the biggest cause of falling families all over the world, no matter what the country the family may be. Should the love of the children come first, before the love of the parents toward each other? Some would say yes to the children’s love comes before the parents but what if the parents do not want to love their children and just decide to give up on them? Would that be end of the family at that point?

parents do not want to love their children

Some would definitely agree to the ending of the family and others would say that the parents may love their children but just have a hard time expressing their love for their children. Whatever the reasons are for the ship wreck in families, they do happen and they can have a long lasting effect on the child or children involved.