Why Cant I Impress Him-Her With My Talks


Many people cannot make themselves comfortable while talking to opposite gender. They become conscious at the time of conversation and thus unable to impress them. It is a universal truth that men and women have major differences in their common interests. However, exceptions are always there.

If someone has sense to avoid such topics that can bore their partner or may be a bit passionate, then he/she can easily place her positive impression in front of other within general talk. Some tips are described below that can help you while conversation with opposite gender.

Powerful listening:

You can be impressive conversationalist; if you have a key of Powerful listening. It is a fact that a good listener is always a good speaker. Thus, if you attentively hear talks of your partner then you can notice his/her interests, likes and dislikes effortlessly. However, they would be not of your personal interest. But it would be possible that you can find some conversational threads which may possibly bind you with your partner. So, pull them to develop good conversation with your partner on that. In addition, you can also admit your point of view for the ignorance on that particular topic and ask him/her to clarify it to you. With such measure you can have a good communication with your partner.

Try to be face reader:
While talking with your partner try to note his/her facial expression. If you find that your partner is constantly diverting his/her attention, feeling bored and awkward, then change the topic tactfully. Then try to direct your conversation towards his/her matter of interest.

Topics to be avoided:
Do not stay with such topics that are completely alien to your companion. Generally, men have tendency to chat about gadgets, software developments, stock market, electronic and automobile innovations as well as on action films. These topics normally make fair sex bored and thus they want to quit from such talk. In addition, women are likely to talk on family problems, beauty aids, dreams, latest attires, melodramatic and aspirations movies that generally flew away from the heads of their male partners. So, try to chat on common topics like spirituality, literary discussions, social affairs etc.

Take time as well as Give time:

This is the crucial aspect to consider while conversation. It is obvious that no one wishes to be mute spectator or chatterbox. So, give enough time and space to your partner, so that he/she can also express his/her point of view more clearly.

So, be prepared with above tips in order to develop a real conversationalist in yourself.


  • allen

    everyone says that i make them bore if i talk so wat is the problem wat should i do