Where love has gone


We all are well aware of the word love. As we all know that everyone in his/her life experiences love at least once. As we all know that in this contemporary world most of the marriages are love marriages. Love is some thing which washes away every hurts, every pain, and every emotional stress. True love is something which very few people get but it is said that love cherishes the life of an individual. But it is a well known fact that many relationships are ending because there is no love left in their relationship. The main reason of this is infidelity or busy daily schedule.

Just remember the last time when you kissed or hugged your partner. The last time you spent a romantic night together. Remember the last time you and your partner had a candle light dinner. The last time you laughed together or enjoyed a movie together. If you find it hard to remember then your relationship is very near to ending as love is very essential for maintaining a relationship. You are avoiding your marital relationship because of your schedule and it can cost you heavily. Every person on earth desires love and care from his/her partner.

Remember the time you both use to spend long hours chatting each other, enjoying with each other, spending most of the days with each other, taking all the meals of the day together. Where are those days, and where has your love gone. Just notice the change in these last few years that has worsened your relationship. Remember the time your partner stood up with you in every kind of trouble. Several problems of life you faced together. A threat of separation was never there at difficult times then what is the main problem that is causing separation between the two of you. Where has the love gone from your relationship?

Just try to find out the answer of these questions and you will feel what’s wrong going on in your relationship. Its time to renew your relationship with true love and care.