When You Have Stomach Ulcer What Foods You Should Avoid


First of all what is stomach ulcer? There are several other ulcers and stomach ulcer is one of them. The stomach ulcer causes raw eroded in the line of stomach. Gastrointestinal problem could be ulcer in the stomach. As one gets the signal immediately consult doctor because if you delay it may result in cancer.

The symptoms will be like burning and push in your tongue and area around your mouth and sometimes skin around your lips start to decay. You may even lose hunger although in many cases it doesn’t occur.

Ulcer is due to mucus that prevents stomach acid to digest and it damages the lining in the stomach. Because of breakdown of this protective mucus layer, hydrochloric acid causes ulcer in the lining.

You may even encounter mood swing and this will create not so conducive atmosphere at home or office. Stomach ulcer is also a common phenomena today, you will not surprise if you find an ulcer in the stomach. Stomach has got many ulcers and they have been categorized differently according to the medical terms.

However, in this article lets concentrate more on foods that are to be taken by the ulcer patient especially which is caused by gastritis. The restrictions on certain life style and habits have to be maintained or kept under strict observation. You must not eat spicy foods which includes chilly hot and too oily. Largely depend on boil vegetables if you can. Avoid non- vegetables which comes under the definition of meat, you can take fish and chicken occasionally.

The precaution is mainly on foods and kind of life style you do. Foods habits have to be strictly followed as per the doctor’s advice. Restrict eating outside and eat home cooked food. Eat carrot and other green vegetables. Boil vegetable is the best food for the ulcer patients but I am sure there will be many who can not do only with this. Watch out for the chilly and spicy foods.

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