What Worries A Single Guy


No Man Is An Island and even the religious teachings of all the main religions of the world say that that it is not good for a man to be alone. Yet, ask a single guy and it appears that the majority of them would prefer their single life or bachelordom. And, as life picks up in pace, the number of single men and women is on the rise. With flourishing careers, so much of choice out there, they find it increasingly difficult to zero in on the one. More than ever, with a me no worry attitude, they are resorting to putting off marriage. Without any pressure or the responsibilities that come with marriage, they find consolation in the arms different girlfriends, setting up home with any one of them, to acquire the privileges and comforts that essentially come with marriage.

The very thought of married life gives these single young men cold feet, it strikes terror in their hearts and causes them to break out in a cold sweat. Single guys don’t even think that they may become the victims of loneliness. For them single life is all about a new conquest every other day, or a dozen girlfriends just waiting for their call. No wonder they are loathe to take up married life with any one of the lovelies they are dating. Why men singletons struggle with the thought of married life is because men’s physical insecurity is that they will be limited to only one sexual partner.

As much as men singletons desire the warmth, the loving and sharing, the feeling of belonging that comes with married life, men’s physical insecurity about only one female partner is enough to sent them running to the hills, if a girl so much as hints of a permanent relationship. Single guys worry about having to give up active, busy, varied lives for sitting on the couch every other night. Yet, despite all their happy thoughts of singleton or bachelorhood, the truth is that single guys often suffer from loneliness. If, they happen to fall sick when there is no girlfriend on the scene, they miss someone to look after them and keep them company while they get over their illness. It is at moments like this that realise that married life does have its pros as does it cons. A loving life partner can make life so much easier to bear; you have someone share both the ups with the downs, someone to help you face life when the going gets tough. Alone, it can be a long, lonely battle! Even the best of friends desert you when fortune fails to smile on you.

While, there are many who continue to be happy with their single lives, there are just as many who have found married life to be nothing short of bliss. So, whatever life you opt for, the choice is yours and you must be happy with it. Single life or married life, each to his own!