What to Look For In Herbal Beauty Products


acnecare Just walk into your kitchen and see your shelves full of natural skin care products. Today, there is an increasing awareness of natural, holistic, and herbal cures for almost all problems.

This includes even skin care. This has reached “fad” proportions with more and more people opting for herbal creams and lotions.

Herbal products are skin friendly and a cheaper alternative to expensive creams and lotions available in the store. Since they tend to be stronger, even a little will go a long way. They are natural properties that have been used since Vedic ages.

There is timeless proof about their healing and curative properties. They can cure even conditions like eczema. They provide the skin with a natural healthy glow, and will make it appear younger and supple.

Fruits, vegetables, and nuts often form the base of natural, herbal skin care products. Herbs are used in the preparation as well. Things that are commonly used off the kitchen shelf such as turmeric and ginger find uses in skin care products.

Aloe Vera, papaya, and cucumber are popular ingredients. Rose water is also found beneficial for the skin. Different types of vegetables have different uses based on the skin type.

Fresh cream from milk can be used as a base in, which turmeric or other ingredients may be mixed. Normally fresh fruits and vegetables are recommended for the best results. Milk is used as a cleanser. Often sugar or oatmeal is mixed with milk to form an exfoliate and is used to scrub the skin.

Oatmeal, eggs, and even honey are used in several herbal preparations. These ingredients are used to make face masks, exfoliates, and lotions. Aloe Vera and wheat germ are used in some preparations as a source of Vitamin E they help to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Curd is used as a home remedy to treat dry skin. They are used as a scrub or as a mask along with ground almonds to cleanse and provide a fresh appearance.

Honey can be used as a scrub or can be ingested to get a glow on your skin. Rose water and lavender water are used as astringents and are found in several herbals preparations.
Good looks are just a few steps away!