What to Know If You Have Been Blessed With A Triplet (or Higher-Order) Pregnancy

triplet Pregnancy

The rate of multiple pregnancies has increased in the recent years. One of the factors resulting in the birth of triplets is the use of fertility drugs. These drugs stimulate the ovaries. A woman who uses fertility drugs is more likely to release more than one egg.

In-vitro fertilization increases the chance of multiple births by 20 per cent. It actually depends on how many embryos are placed inside the ovaries.

Multiple pregnancies have a lot of risk involved. There is a lower rate of successful multiple pregnancies. In case of such pregnancies, the babies are born with low birth weight.

Causes of a multiple pregnancy
If a couple has been trying to conceive for long and has used fertility drugs, they have higher chances of being diagnosed with a multiple pregnancy.

Women have become more career-oriented and do not want a child in early age.

With growing age the chances of altered cycle of egg release can also establish. This means that a woman is more likely to release an odd number of eggs. A woman can release one, two or three eggs and sometimes no eggs at all. This disrupted cycle also results in a multiple pregnancy.

Women who are on birth control also have a fair chance of getting multiple babies when they stop using the birth control method. This can also leave a woman very fertile and increase the chances of a multiple pregnancy.

Nutrition and care
It is important to consult a doctor if you are diagnosed with triplets. A mother has to be extra cautious in case she is has a multiple pregnancy.

Good health and diet can increase the chances of healthy babies and successful delivery. Prenatal vitamin supplements are highly recommended. These provide nutrients to the child readily and give enough energy to the mother as well.

Give up smoking and alcohol for a healthy and safe delivery. Avoid caffeine and other alcoholic drinks. Adopt healthy food habits in order to give your babies and your body the required amount of calcium, iron, folic acid, proteins, carbohydrates and essential calories.

A good night’s sleep and proper rest is essential for the growth of babies. If a mother is advised to take bed rest, she must not move a lot.

Do not stress out. Tension, stress and depression can have grave effects on the mother’s health.