What to expect when your baby turns 8 months old


Now that you have been a parent for a few months, you are probably wandering what to expect now that you baby is 8 months old. You will start noticing him or her paying attention to everything that you do and getting way more responsive. Such as when you tell your baby to look at something, more than likely they will. Isn’t it exciting watching them grow up and learning new things on a daily basis?

Your baby may or may not decide to take up the crawling phase. Whether he or she does or doesn’t is fine and normal. Crawling is qomething that comes for some and doesn’t for others. If they like to crawl you will notice them turning over on their tummies more and raising up those arms and legs to get steady and then all of a sudden one day you will see them up and take off. It’s a great thing to watch. Learning walking will be in small steps as they learn to crawl and pull themselves up by grabbing onto things such as a chair or table.

By the age of 8 months, your baby’s memory is becoming stronger and stronger. He will start noticing more and paying attention and listening more in depth. You will also notice at the age of eight months that the baby will start seeing better. They are going to start noticing people across the room that they know. They will also start noticing that we have emotions. For example if they hear someone crying or see someone crying then they might start doing it themselves. They start recognizing feelings and emotions which is a great thing.

At the age of eight months, they will start paying more and more attention to things and detail. Therefore you should help them learn and play. Show them toys and show them the ones that make noise and how they work and such. Help them learn by playing. They are only eight months once, so have fun with them. Enjoy your time with them helping them learn by playing.