What makes your hair healthy?


Good nutrition is vital to healthy hair growth, just as it’s essential to overall good health. There are many vitamins which specifically help in hair growth and health. These vitamins and their sources are listed

Vitamin A present in Fish liver oil, meat, milk, cheese, eggs, spinach, cabbage and carrots.
Vitamin C present in Citrus fruits, strawberries, pineapple and tomatoes.
Vitamin E present in soybeans, raw seeds and nuts, dried beans, and leafy green vegetables.
Niacin (Vitamin B3) present in fish, chicken, turkey and meat.
Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) present in Whole grain cereals, brewer’s yeast, organ meats and egg yolks.
Vitamin B12 present in Chicken, fish, eggs and milk.
Here are some tips to make your hair healthy, shiny and long.

1. Water makes your hair supple and soft therefore you should have enough water.
2. Chemical treatments can also harm hair if they’re not used properly so it’s best to trust the job to professionals.
3. Quit unhealthy habits like smoking, aerated drinks and caffeine as these weaken your bones and badly affect your hair too.
4. Use the water left from the second round of washing the rice to wash your hair. This makes your hair ever so soft, smooth and shiny.
5. Take food rich in silica and iron like Leafy vegetables daily.
6. Herbs. Vegetables and salads make a very healthy diet for your hair.
7. Fruits like berries, melons, citrus fruits, grapes and raisins act as essential nutrient providers. So make them part of your daily diet.
8. Some spices like turmeric and cumin are very helpful for healthy hair growth.
9. Coconut helps a lot in avoiding premature graying and also hair fall.
10. After washing your hair, mix two teaspoons of lemon jucie into a large bowl of cold water. Use this mixture to wash you hair again. This will make your hair shiny.
11. Avoid constant brushing and combing your hair.
12. Doing head bath with too much of hot water is also not good for your hair.
13. Blow-drying more is also not good for your hair.
14. Don’t use Heat styling products like curling and straightening irons on wet hair or high settings as they can dry out even oily hair if they’re used too much.
15. To make your hair shiny, try eating more foods with almonds, apricots and black sesame.
16. Along with a healthy hair diet it is important that you exercise properly as it will ensure that there is proper blood flow to your scalp and will help in the growth of hair.
17. After washing your hair, add an egg yolk into a small amount of rice vinegar, and after mixing it well, apply evenly to your hair. Use a towel to wrap up your hair for one hour. Afterwards, use water to rinse clean. It will leave your hair shiny and smooth.