What Is Female Orgasm?

Most men are confused over female orgasm. Many men are puzzled on the types of orgasm through which stimulation is given. It is considered that by manipulating a part of the vagina can provide a woman with orgasm.

Here are some important tips that will help you understand about female genital organs and remove the confusion regarding female orgasm.

Function of the body during orgasm:

During orgasm, when some area of her body is manipulated, then her entire body reacts in the same way. Her blood pressure, breath rate and heart rate start to increase. She begins to feel stimulation in her clitoris. Muscles in the area of uterus, vagina, pelvic floor and rectum start contacting. Her pelvis region starts building tension. The most satisfying orgasms that can be achieved are through two areas of her vagina – the G-spot and the clitoris.

Orgasm through clitoris manipulation:

The function of clitoris is to give a great deal of pleasure to the woman. There seems no other reason for its existence. Orgasm in females is achieved through its stimulation and the clitoris is very easy to find.

G-spot stimulation:

The G-spot is found inside the vagina and is situated at the front towards naval of vagina. It is actually in between opening and the cervix. It is also known that the G-spot is a bundle of nerves that comes from the clitoris and its function is to produce lubrication. By manipulating the G-spot, female orgasm can be achieved.

Get blue balls:

The penis and clitoris function in a remarkably similar way during cohabitation. A man’s penis often increases in size during the process. When a woman gets an increased amount of stimulation, her clitoris becomes swollen as a result of the rush of blood to the area.

The blood should be released through orgasm otherwise she will feel discomfort. It is also believed that women can experience multiple orgasms. Single orgasms last only for a few minutes; multiple orgasms are experienced one after another within the interval of a few minutes. This is also known as roller coaster ride.

Orgasm through finger stimulation:

Many women find that it is easier to achieve orgasm with finger stimulation rather than penetration. Women prefer stimulation of vagina through finger. Some women find it easy and speedy to get orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation. Some women may achieve orgasm through sensual massage or foreplay and some even orgasm through just words alone.