What is a Fashion Magazine


Fashion magazines can come in many varieties. From modern clothing fashions to the latest makeup or diet tips. It is estimated that one in every three women subscribe to some form of fashion magazine.

The main use of a fashion magazine is to bring the modern world fashions into your own home. While many of us would not dare to wear what is being featured a “new” style of clothing, many people in the world spend thousands of dollars every year to be up to date with the latest fashions and trends.
There are fashion magazines for women, men, children, pets and brides. The list can go on and on depending on what exactly you are looking for.

There are many successful Fashion Magazines out there. Here are just a few:
Harper’s Bazaar
Vanity Fair

This is just a brief list of the top 10 listed fashion magazines. These magazines average billions of dollars yearly just in monthly subscriptions. This doesn’t even count the people that grab one at the super market, grocery store, or news stand.

Most fashion magazines flutter their editors, photographers and writers around fashion shows. The Spring 2008 shows that will attract these fashion magazines will be Betsey Johnson’s fashion show, H. Fredrikksson’s show and shows by Gottex, Bill Blass, John Varvatos, Varvatos, Miss Sixty and Port 1961.

Fashion shows are flocked with fashion magazine personal. This is where they get their ideas, photos and best education on what is going on behind the scenes of fashion. While most of the fashion magazines are full of runway shows and results, they also have great information about makeup tips, healthy diets, health tips, and even articles written around what is actually going on in a woman or man’s life.

I feel personally that fashion magazines have been labeled as the magazines to purchase when wanting to be trendy and up to date on the latest designs .