What happens if your baby is premature?


The natural rule about giving birth is that babies should stay in the womb for about 40 to 42 weeks before they are born. However, it happens that some babies are born before this time. There is proof that some babies have been born at 24 to 26 weeks.

Would premature babies survive?

Most mothers of premature babies fear a lot for their babies’ survival. This is because in the olden days most premature babies died due to the fact that there was no way to support them to live and develop fully. But today, mothers of premature babies should not worry too much about the survival of their babies. In actual fact there has never been a safer time to be born prematurely.

According to Professor Lucilla Poston, head of maternal and foetal research at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, a lot of babies are now being born around 24 to 26 weeks. The good news is that once they are everything is done for them to survive. They would never have survived if it were some time earlier.

It is true that the later your baby is born, the greater the chances that it will survive. What is more encouraging is that Research has shown that by the time these premature babies are two years old, 50 percent of them who survived had no disabilities and only 25 percent had some minor disability.

What premature babies need

They need intensive care, and there are many intensive care units, almost every hospital has one. There babies will helped to breathe via a ventilator, they are given drugs to mature their lungs and given antibiotic through a drip or a nasal gastric tube.

Once these are done and your baby is breathing on its own, you will be able to take him/her home usually after 40 to 42 weeks if no other problems occur. There is no need to be too worried for your premature baby.