What Does True Love Imply ?


Love, the most written-about thing, is also the one thing that every individual hungers for and longs for. And for that matter, why wouldn’t they? We were created to love and be loved because God himself is love. However, God’s love is perfect. God instituted marriage so that a man and a woman could fully express their love within the frames of this wonderful institution, even in the form of sex.

True love will never keep you posted at the receiving end only. It certainly is not passive. A relationship, which is based on true love, not only involves accepting the nurture, care and security that love brings but also giving the same back. It would be wrong to restrict the implications of true love simply to certain specific kinds of feeling, physical attraction or even verbal declarations. True love would imply these and much more. It would take effort and commitment even to the point of sacrifice.

Love at first sight

Many have questioned its possibility. There is a better way to put it though, attraction at first sight. That is very much valid and possible. It might later on develop into love. Nevertheless, for love to evolve in a relationship, it takes time.

Every individual is unique and therefore, it takes some effort and lots of affection to develop love between two individuals. Love however shows itself in its full form in certain circumstances more than it does in others. Circumstances like illness or being away from each other are opportunities for love to manifest itself.

The expression of love

True love is all the things mentioned above but also much more than that. It is much deeper than superficial physical attraction but it does manifest itself as physical attraction. It is caring for the needs of the other person involved more than your own. It is expressed in ways of commitment to each other even if it involves sacrifice.

Qualities to look for

One may ask what we should look for in a person to recognise them as our true love. The most important quality that you can look for is character. Qualities like kindness, gentleness, sensitivity always make up a great combination. Remember that the person should complement you in a sense that he or she should be able to enhance your good qualities while also bringing many great qualities of their own into the relationship.

It is important that they have a clear understanding of who they are and also of who you are so that any unpleasant surprises can be kept out of the picture. The capacity to understand and accept their own faults and yours also is great quality to have. Overall there should be a sense of belonging between the two, a mutual consideration, acceptance and love will surely abound.