What Does I Love You Mean?


What does “I love you” really mean? When someone says I love you to another person, do they actually love them or are these just lust or passionate desires disguised as love? It is always easy for a person to say I love you and not mean it and sometimes a person says I do not love you but actually does.

How do you know when someone loves you or not? You can tell whether a person loves you or not by their action and not words. For example, if your lover or spouse tells you that they don’t love you but stick by you when you are down, that is a sign of true love but if your lover or spouse tells you that they love you, but end up cheating on you with somebody else, that is not a sign of true love.

Yes, love must grow and mature over time and then at that point and the longer the love last, the more potent it becomes, making it almost inseparable. A person also can have great love for a woman, but at times have trouble expressing that love. Sometimes a man thinks that he can buy a woman a real expensive gift to show his love for that woman but all she really needs is the love for her that comes from his heart.

Some would say that total and complete love is when both people’s feelings in a relationship becomes joined and united as one and they cannot bear to live without each other and if one was in a situation in which they would die, the other would try to save the troubled partner’s life or die trying in the process.

That is what love is; a total and complete desire for someone that is genuine and comes from the heart and is something that person or thing can ever put asunder.