What Are the Common Symptoms of Gastritis?

Symptoms of Gastritis

Gastritis refers to inflamed stomach lining. It can be caused by infections from a bacterium, called Helicobacter Pylori, which also results in ulcers of the stomach. Gastritis can also occur due to disorder of the autoimmune system, or long usage of non-steroidal anti-inflammation drugs like Ibuprofen. Lining of the stomach gets “eaten”, resulting in sores or peptic ulcers in your stomach or in the small intestines. 

Gastritis is manifested through common symptoms of pain in the stomach and upset stomachs. Apart from this, symptoms like indigestion, abdominal pain, heartburn and nausea, lack of appetite, hiccups, vomiting blood, and dark bowel movement are important.

The symptoms of this condition may be directly due to irritation, irritation in the stomach, infection, your own immune system attacking the stomach, bile reflux or bile flowing back into food pipes. Sometimes Gastritis can be a result of Pernicious Anemia, which is a blood related disorder.

Symptomatic infections of Gastritis can be result of attacks from bacteria, virus, fungus or parasites. Similarly, the symptom of irritation may be due to long term use of drugs like Ibuprofen, alcohol, smoking, acidic beverages and presence of acid in the stomach. Rare symptoms of the Gastritis can include systemic diseases and Sarcoidosis.

These and other symptoms can lead to infection by H Pylori bacteria, AIDs, chronic back pains, arthritis or fibromyalgia.

The symptoms can be diagnosed through endoscopy of your stomach. This involves a thin tube equipped with a camera and light at one end, being passed down your throat into the stomach, which reveals the condition inside the stomach and can take samples from stomach lining. A stool test can also determine whether there is blood in the stools. Gastritis is thus determined through its symptoms.

The symptoms manifest immediately after your stomach lining is affected. Heartburn, nausea and vomiting can signal the presence of Gastritis. Since the symptoms are all easy to discern, you should immediately consult your doctor for further diagnosis and clinical tests to determine the condition of your stomach lining especially, and take steps to treat it effectively. You should be careful to treat the symptoms early because if you develop peptic sores in the intestinal track, you may require surgical intervention.

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