What Antibiotics Can Do


It’s very unfortunate to see people blindly consuming antibiotics without realizing what it can do to our body. There are people who are addicted to antibiotics, for every silly disease they advice to take antibiotics without consulting doctor. From sore throat to body pain they take antibiotics. For some it works but for others it doesn’t give always a good news.

No matter it heals simple ailments from becoming severe and graver but there is a hidden side affects if consume so much without the prescription of physicians. Even if you have the prescription you must avoid taking the drugs. It gives you happiness for a short period but you may encounter a long term problem if not taken care in time.

Why should one be skeptical about taking antibiotics are because if over dosed, there is a chance of increasing the risk of cancer. This may sound strange but you may if the intake of the drugs are not limited and restricted although there is no concrete proof so far. However, according to the recent study there is a great chance of getting certain types of cancer if taken in access.

The recent research has found that antibiotics taken for respiratory tract infections have the greater chance of getting the risk of cancer in later stage. This was carried out by respiratory specialist John Bartlett at the University of Hopkins in Baltimore. They also have found that the respiratory infections are caused by bacteria and as we know that bacteria do not respond to antibiotics. This is the reason of causing cancer and one should not take antibiotics.

Taking antibiotics should not be encouraged in such cases and the physicians must judge the case and then they should recommend for the drugs. And to those people who love to take antibiotics should think twice before taking the drugs.

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