Well Groomed Men Are More Attractive To Women

Well Groomed Men Are More Attractive To Women

Well Groomed Men Are More Attractive To Women

The mantra ‘Clothes maketh a man’ may have worked well in the 16th century, but good grooming is also essential if one wishes to look attractive to others. A man does not have to become a metrosexual who indulges in facials, manicures, pedicures and the like, but he does have to take care of the basic grooming essentials.

Hair that looks as if you just tumbled out of bed or have been surfing, sends out the message that you don’t particularly care about your appearance. Students may be able to get away with it, but for women trying to win hearts or gain respect in the workplace, it just won’t do.

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You could be togged out in the latest style and fashion, in brand names that people would die for, but if you aren’t well groomed and look a mess, you just won’t cut it in the style stakes.

Women appreciate men who look after themselves, which is why so many of them fancy gay men. Likewise, caring about your appearance shows self-respect and earns you more in the workplace. And, if this doesn’t motivate you to caring about your appearance, what will?

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Make your body a temple that deserves to be worshipped, beginning with a daily shower, get rid of surplus hair, get rid of eyebrows that join by plucking or waxing a passage through, keep nails short, neat and free from dirt. Soften dry hands by using a good hand cream, choosing one that will also handle the signs of ageing.

Get a hair cut every five weeks, as long, overgrown hair only lends to a sloppy appearance. Go in for highlighting and professional styling if you want to go the extra mile, but remember a hairstyle can say a lot about your personality, so it should be in keeping with you.

Get a hair cut every five weeks

Many women love the smell of freshly laundered clothes, which they find more appealing than aftershave or clothes recycled from the laundry bin.

Other than that, a freshly showered, sweat-free body, with a subtle hint of expensive aftershave, does it for most.