Wedding Invitations


Congratulations! You are about to start a new life filled with new dreams and promises of happiness. Plans and decisions are everywhere. What has to be done and what not are the things in your mind at the moment. Questions about how to invite close and dear friends and relatives run through your mind all the time.

Well, it’s natural, as invitation is the first step which leaves a lasting expression in ones mind. They can make the wedding a special one. Some times, the style and nature of the invitation leaves a prominent mark so much that when people meet the newly weds they remember the minutest details of their invitation.

Invitation Cards:

Wedding cards or invitation cards are available in different shapes and designs. Always place an order for the invitation cards well in advance so that if there is any alteration to be made, it can be done so without any problem. It is always good to get the venue map on the back of the invitation card so that people don’t face any problem getting there. Send the invitation even to those family members and friends who you know cannot make it to the wedding. It is a nice and warm gesture on your part. Make a proper list of attendees to make sure that how many people will be there on the big day.

Things that should be clear on the invitation:-

Bride and grooms names.

Wedding date and time.

Venue where the wedding will take place.

If you have a formal invitation, then make sure that it follows a proper etiquette.

Start looking for the invitation style as soon as the date is set. Keep one thing in your mind while selecting, that invitations vary from person to person. So, when addressing your friend then the invitation should me informal, while it should be formal for your colleagues, boss and elders. Send out the invitation to the guests who are coming from far off places as soon as possible.

The invitation procedure should be over four months prior the wedding date. Make a list of the invites and keep track of the guests who can make it and who can not make it so that the caterers know the exact number of attendees.

Remember to send thank you notes to all the attendees after the wedding is over.